GTA has spent most of its time in America, but Rockstar could change the expected formula in GTA 6 by bringing the series to Europe.

Grand Theft Auto As a franchise he has spent most of his time on American shores, parodying and commenting on American culture. But GTA 6 should change things, remembering the original pair GTA expansions set in London, and finding new horizons to explore in From GTA unique mix of drama, comedy and crime.

Rockstar has yet to officially reveal if it’s working on the much-rumored GTA 6But that hasn’t stopped rampant speculation about what the game could be. Of places where GTA 6 it might be set for the era it might take place in, there’s no shortage of opinions on which direction Rockstar might (or should) take with its next GTA launch.

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One of the common theories is that GTA 6 will return to Vice City, a Miami-style metropolis first seen in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and later in the Vice City Stories spin-off for PSP and PS2. But while that setup has proven popular, GTA taken as a whole, it could benefit from a broader cultural display that includes more than just the satirism of American microcosms like Los Angeles, New York, or Miami.

Europe would serve GTA 6 in character, scope and broader commentary

Grand Theft Auto 5 Screenshot

Since Rockstar has already shown how well it knows American culture, a European environment could help. GTA 6 finds a new identity in a franchise loaded with similar themes. A European character in large urban settings would serve as a contrast to previous titles, providing new types of architecture, city layouts, and cultural touchpoints to explore, not to mention a new take on the vehicles the series is known for. Navigating Amsterdam, Berlin, or Prague would probably be attractive, whether in a vehicle or on foot.

Taking Grand theft auto 6 to Europe would also be an easy way to unite multiple locations with their own unique charms. Europe generally has accessible transit options and many smaller countries that are in close proximity to each other, so while it might be more difficult to achieve a multi-city approach to GTA 6 In the vast expanses of the United States, a European environment would make it easier to achieve (and it would probably feel more natural in its end result).

Given the world events of 2020 and 2021, it would be refreshing to see an international take on American culture in a GTA game too. While the franchise’s history and trajectory would make the inclusion of America-specific satire a necessity, tackling it from a less domestic perspective might prove timely. It would work especially well if at least one of your leads were an American expat, as this kind of character-oriented shakeup is overdue, particularly in light of the narrow casts from which characters from the past have been drawn. After all, GTA still needs a female lead despite 11 independent series entries to date.

Wherever Grand Theft Auto you can travel in your future stories, chances are good that you will try to surpass 2013 GTA 5. It remains to be seen whether this could apply just to technical advancements of the last 8 years, or to a broader scope for inclusion, setting, and storytelling.

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