There is nothing like a television wedding; Weddings in real life involve dressing up and sitting quietly while people exchange vows, usually without a lot of drama and, let’s be honest, stretching it out a bit longer than necessary. The worst thing that happens is that someone’s uncle gets too drunk and embarrassed trying to show that he remembers the dance moves that were popular when he was in school.

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Gossip GirlFortunately, it is a different animal. Not only do their weddings provide romance, drama, and showmanship, everyone involved is impeccably dressed, with the exception of Lily’s wedding to Bart, but we’ll get to that. Nobody does drama like the fictional Upper East Siders.

7 Dan and Serena

Dan helping Serena down the stairs

Let’s start with the good; Serena looks like the same sun, and Chuck and Blair’s house is adorable. Apparently, Blair has stopped embarrassing Jenny enough to negotiate a business deal with her if the “J by Waldorf” bag is any indication. It’s all bittersweet final vibes, and the parody of Dan marrying Serena can almost be overlooked. Almost.

But this couple stopped being cute in the first season and they never again managed to capture the magic of the early stages of their relationship. Why they got married is beyond anyone, but the best guess is that Dan saw this as an official way to “get in” and Serena saw it as a way to be countercultural in the softest way possible. It’s the entire first season of them.

6 Rufus and Lily

Spit picture of Blair and Chuck, Bree and Nate, Carter and Serena, and Lily and Rufus

Lily and Rufus eventually tied the knot in a ceremony that went off the rails and they moved into the “little” Brooklyn loft where Rufus lived with his children, Dan and Jenny. There is drama in abundance; Scott, the son Lily had and never told Rufus about, arrives in time to see Lily and Rufus arguing about him. They chase after him, clear the air, and then … never seen him again?

Nate brings his girlfriend Bree, who has a very southern revenge against Carter, who is dating Serena, who has her hands full trying to change him. Y herself … is a lot, really. Blair and Chuck are staying relatively low-key for once, casually outshining everyone with their coordinated outfits.

5 Louis and Blair

Split image of Blair, Chuck and Louis, Georgina, Cyrus and Blair and Serena

Gossip Girl gives her version of a royal wedding in the 100th episode. Yes The crown something has taught us, is that being in love with another person is not a reason not to walk down that corridor. Blair takes this advice seriously – there’s also a promise to God involved regarding Chuck’s life – and she’s determined to marry her prince.

They all look beautiful, and Chuck throws his hat into the ring one last time. Just as Blair is about to say her vows, Gossip Girl chimes in with a video of about ten minutes before Blair telling Chuck that she loves him. She makes a dramatic run back down the hall, without a husband, and returns after recovering. Louis barely makes it to the front desk before telling Blair that he hates her for teasing him, so Dan prepares the getaway car before Serena can pass her 100th proclamation of love.

4 Bart and Lily

Split image Chuck and Blair, Lily and Bart, Serena and Dan

When you wake up the morning of your wedding to a man who is not your fiancĂ©, it is usually a sign that things have started badly. Ask Lily, who slept with Rufus the night before she married Bart. Finally, she decided to go ahead with her wedding, with Rufus’ blessing.

If we know anything about Lily Van Der Woodsen / Bass / Humphrey, it is that she is always on the lookout for the award. The bride wasn’t the only one with drama on her special day. Serena and Dan break up, right after he utters the iconic line “I’m the most understanding person in the world.” Chuck uses his father’s wedding as an opportunity to declare his love for Blair, who, like everyone else at this damn event, is dressed terribly.

3 Chuck and blair

Blair and Chuck's wedding

Gossip Girl gave fans everything they wanted with a Chuck and Blair wedding at the end. After witnessing / causing the death of their father, Chuck and Blair are on the run. Jack, the charming uncle you may remember from the times he attacked Lily and slept with Chuck’s future wife, informs the two that Blair, the only witness to Chuck’s crime, cannot testify against him if they are married. .

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Blair grabs what might be the most beautiful dress she’s ever worn, and everyone rushes to see them exchange vows. They have time to repeat everything “in how many ways can we say ‘I love you’ without actually saying it” before the police drag them away for questioning. It’s a wedding that fits their drama and scandal for the most dramatic and scandalous couple on the show.

two Vanya and Dorota

Blair, Dorota, Vanya and Chuck at Dorota and Vanya's wedding

Dorota and Vanya probably deserved happiness more than any of the main characters. Chuck, the least deserving of it, is trying to make amends with Blair after he cheated on her with her uncle to stay with her hotel.

He wants to show Blair that he is a good guy, so he arranges an elaborate wedding for Dorota and Vanya. He and Blair proceed to make their loved one’s day special about them. Everyone looks great, Blair abandons Chuck and possibly Dan-Blair’s first seeds are planted.

1 Cyrus and Eleanor

Cyrus and Eleanor at their wedding.

Eleanor brings out the focus of Bart’s funeral with her intimate little wedding to Cyrus. They all look great dressed in white, and the wedding offers a bit of cheer in an episode that is otherwise all about Chuck’s downward spiral. Speaking of Chuck, the tortured soul somehow sneaks past the wedding party and into Blair’s room, where he finally lets her comfort him before sneaking away while she sleeps. It’s Chuck and Blair’s peak of anguish.

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