Resetting a Snapchat password is easy to do, as long as the associated email address or phone number can be remembered and accessed.

Forgetting a password is never fun, but the problem becomes even more difficult to fix for Snapchat users when they also cannot remember the correct email address and phone number. Snapchat offers users multiple ways to reset their password when they forget it, but usually at least one piece of information is needed for security reasons.

Despite the rise of services like TikTok, Snapchat is still a popular app and service, and it seems like it’s even growing in popularity on Android. However, for those who haven’t used the service in some time, remembering the correct login details can be a problem. Similarly, frequent users may encounter the same problem as well, such as when they delete the app from Android or iOS and try to install it again on a different smartphone. Worse yet, entering the wrong details too many times could result in the account being locked.

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When a Snapchat user has forgotten their password, rebooting it’s quite easy via the ‘forgotten password’ option in the Android or iOS app. As long as the user has access to the connected email or phone number, they can receive an email or SMS message and continue with the password reset process. If the user does not have access to the email or phone number, they will not be able to reset their password. The same is true if the user cannot remember the email address or password, regardless of whether they have access or not.

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I can always try to contact Snapchat

Snapchat lock

When all else fails, there is the option to contact Snapchat to see if the team can help. The service’s online contact form has a “I forgot my password“And to access it, go to Snapchat Contact us page, click on “I can not access my account“And then in”I forgot my password. “Next, the user will be presented with some of the options to reset their password, but by clicking on the Yes button for “I need help with something else? “will open the option to send a message to Snapchat explaining the situation.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether or not Snapchat will be able to help after being contacted. If it’s simply not having access to email and phone number, then it might be possible to get help. However, as this is a security feature, if the user cannot confirm the password, email address, or even phone number, it seems unlikely that the user will be able to prove ownership of the Snapchat account.

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