Revealed on the Destruction AllStar subreddit, the addition of online bots will help fill lobbies for players who log in during off-peak hours.

Destruction AllStars, the PlayStation 5 exclusive vehicular combat game, is adding online bots in its next update.

According to a post in the game subreddit, developer Lucid Games confirmed that it was adding online bots to compensate for fewer players during off-peak hours. Bots will be added to lobbies when there are not enough players available to join the game. Given the relative size of Destruction AllStarIn the community, players who miss peak game hours are unlikely to find a match. Adding bots should avoid long wait times and make matchmaking more consistent.

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“We want to make sure that the games are filled to the maximum with as many real players as possible, but when there are X amount of players left when queuing for a game, the AI ​​robots will occupy the remaining places,” the developer’s post reads. . According to Lucid Games, peak hours for Destruction AllStars they are from 4 pm to 10 pm Monday through Friday and from 2 pm to 1 am on weekends.

The only bot-free game mode online is Blitz, which is considered Destruction AllStarmost competitive offer. Lucid Games confirmed that Blitz will “never” use bots to replace players.

Beyond the online bot addition, the developer also announced two new quality of life additions: Global Parties and a new playlist feature. Global Parties will allow players to group up with friends and join Solo and Team modes together. This feature has been in development for a while, but due to “some dependencies” it took longer than expected to implement.

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As for the updated playlist feature, this should make it much easier to find game modes that players will enjoy. Lucid Games promises more information about the system at a later date. Smaller changes include an overhaul of the “slam” feature, improvements to the in-game network to prevent “ghost hits,” the balancing of the “AllStars” in-game roster, and possible changes to character abilities.

Lucid Games didn’t provide a solid release date for this update, but confirmed that the Dev Update blog was the first of many, promising more to come “with other planned changes and features” when I have more to share.

Released in February via PS Plus, Destruction AllStars was met with a generally positive reception, with many critics enjoying its fast and frantic play despite its often shallow depth and lack of content. Destruction AllStars is available for PlayStation 5.

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