Veteran voice actor Paul Soles has died. With a career spanning seven decades, a couple of Suns most famous voice roles include playing Peter Parker in the original version. Spiderman cartoon series from the 1960s as well as Rudolph’s friend Hermey the Elf in the 1964 special Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Sadly, Soles’ agent Angela Wright announced on Facebook that the actor died on May 26 at the age of 90.

“Paul Soles was truly a Canadian treasure. He lived a long life with so many adventures along the way. RIP,” the Facebook post read.

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“He will be remembered as a charming, magnanimous, principled man, a creative and versatile performer and a proud Canadian,” says Soles’ obituary, according to Legacy. “He delighted in making people laugh in the air and out of it and was an excellent joke-teller, impressive impersonator, accent, public speaker, story-reader, announcer, presenter, emcee, compare.”

The obituary adds: “Warm and gentle, with a calm manner, he enjoyed the company of others as much as his own. Thoughtful and inventive, he possessed calm strength and a deep source of emotions. A talented and hardworking person who used to citing good fortune as the only reason for his success, but the truth is that he loved what he did and it showed. “

Paul Robert Soles was born on August 11, 1930. Beginning his career in radio, Soles had started working in television in the early 1950s. A frequent performer on CBC-TV comedy shows, Soles perhaps took his most famous role in the 1960s when he was cast as Hermey the elf in Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. His distinctive voice as a character has since been heard by who knows how many millions of people in the decades since.

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Meanwhile, Marvel fans can also appreciate Suns for his run as the original animated Peter Parker. He lent his voice to the titular web-slinger in the first Spiderman cartoon series that debuted in 1967. Suns also voiced Bruce Banner and other Marvel characters in the animated series. Marvel superheroes, along with other roles in Iron Man Y Spider woman. Some of his other voice credits in animated projects include The smoked bear show, Willy McBean and his magic machine, Y The King Kong Show. Soles also lent his voice to the Oscar-nominated documentary. My Father’s Colors: A Portrait of Sam Borenstein.

Decades after voicing Bruce Banner in animated form, Suns would appear in a role in the 2008 superhero movie. The incredible Hulk with Edward Norton and Tim Roth. He would also have a role in the 2016 film. The second time. Most recently, she had a recurring role on the web series. My 90 year old roommate as the elderly roommate in question, co-starring Ethan Cole. The final credit for Soles was in the 2020 television series. Nurses.

Soles survivors include his wife Jean, son Jonathan, and daughter in heart Jarah. Our condolences to them and the rest of the family at this very painful time. May he rest in peace while he lives his memory. This news comes to us from TheWrap.

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