Silent Hill artist Masahiro Ito has stated that he is not aware of the development of the canceled Silent Hill 5 as he was working on a GTA-style title.

Silent Hill Artist Masahiro Ito revealed that he never did much work on the canceled one. Silent Hill 5, since I was working on a game that was more similar to Grand Theft Auto at the time. Although Ito has long argued that he was never part of the development of what would have become Silent Hill 5, stated that he had designed some concepts for creatures. That said, it seems unlikely that he was heavily involved with the rest of the game’s production.

Many fans are pained by the lack of Silent Hill games in recent years, and it seems that Silent Hill 5 it may be part of the reason. The game was planned as a psychological horror title, taking inspiration from movies like Jacob’s ladder, and would have also played with the idea of ​​daylight, rather than shrouding everything in darkness and mist. For some reason, Konami ruled it out in favor of more actions based Silent Hill games, probably after seeing the success of games like Resident Evil 4.

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Long time Silent Hill artist Masahiro Ito says he doesn’t know much about the fifth canceled game, because he was the art director and lead animator for a canceled game that was similar to Grand Theft Auto at the moment (via Wiring report) This would have been around 2004, just like Grand Theft Auto it was making big waves so no wonder copycats showed up. The franchise dominated during this era, and there are even rumors that the PS2 era GTA the titles will be remastered very soon. Many tried to compare themselves to Rockstar’s crime franchise, but many of these projects either failed or were canceled entirely due to an inability to match Rockstar’s ambition. However, some franchises like row of saints succeeded.

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Ito did not offer a title for the game, so it is unclear if it was ever announced. There were a lot of applicants Grand Theft Auto games like This is vegas That could have been a huge success, but many did not materialize. Previous Grand Theft Auto Producer Leslie Benzies left Rockstar Games a few years ago and is expected to develop a game that will rival the open world phenomenon.

From Grand Theft Autoas a never released game, he has been working as a freelance artist. Meanwhile, fans still yearn for more Silent Hill. A new Silent Hill It’s been rumored a lot for PS5, but it’s been a rumor that has been circulating for years since Hideo Kojima Silent hills he was fired during his fairly public breakup with Konami. Yes or no Silent Hill It remains to be seen if he actually returns.

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Fountain: Masahiro Ito (via Wiring report)

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