The Sims The game series is a classic for a reason. It allows players to enjoy anything from a lifestyle game to a massive adventure. It’s also entertaining, packed with options, and allows for a great deal of customization for people who love to create. The most current game available, The sims 4, it even takes this one step further by including more options for LGBTQ + simulators.

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The sims 4 has its challenges, especially if the player starts a new game with a large family. Without work or income, it can be difficult to find suitable housing for the family. However, there are plenty of tricks to make the game exactly what the player wants, be it a relaxing game, a dating sim, or something else entirely.

Note: to activate cheats in The sims 4, the player must open the cheat bar and enter ‘testingcheats on’ to use cheat codes in the game.

10 Turn off death with the ‘Death Toggle’ cheat [Death.Toggle False]

Death appearing in The Sims 4 game

While many deaths in The sims 4 are highly avoidable, there are hitches in almost any series that can make death a possibility, and this game is no exception. However, The sims 4 offers a cheat code that completely eliminates the possibility of death.

By entering the cheat code ‘death.toggle true’ or ‘death.toggle false’, the player can choose to play with or without the possibility of death. The standard setting is true, so players must set it to ‘false’ to eliminate the potential for death from their sims. However, this can be reversed at any time simply by setting it to true.

9 Buy any property with the ‘Free Real Estate’ hack [FreeRealEstate]

Free Real Estate Cheat Lets Goth Family Move Without Sufficient Household Funds In The Sims 4 Game

This hack is great for gamers who choose to design their dream home right away, only to find they can’t afford it. By entering the cheat code ‘freerealestate on’ in the cheat bar, all available houses on the map will be available for purchase, regardless of cost.

Players can purchase their dream home right away, eliminating the need to start small and gradually build a home budget for the future. While some players may enjoy the challenge of starting with a smaller house, for those who want their sims to live in the lap of luxury, this cheat code is a lifesaver.

8 Satisfy a Sim’s basic needs quickly with the ‘Fill Pattern’ Cheat [FillMotive Motive_X]

Child sim eating in the game of The Sims 4

A common occurrence in The Sims The franchise is having a Sim working on a skill, either to advance their career or for personal gain, only to have a basic need like fatigue, hunger, or a full bladder that suddenly stops their progress. While not overly damaging to the game, it can be frustrating for players trying to balance needs with skill acquisition.

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By entering ‘fillmotive motive_X’ in the cheat bar, the player can satisfy a basic need of their sim without interrupting what they are doing. By simply replacing the ‘X’ with the name, such as ‘social’ or ‘hungry’, the bar will automatically become full, allowing the sim to finish fixing the toilet, painting their masterpiece, or learning how to make a delicious new dish.

7 Reset a stuck Sim with the ‘Reset Sim’ cheat [ResetSim Firstname Lastname]

Sim gets stuck under stairs in Sims 4 game

Weather The sims 4 tends to work well and EA Games It is quick to fix any major issues, sometimes there is an inevitable glitch in the game that can cause problems for the player such as a simulator disappearing or getting stuck. Typing ‘resetsim firstname lastname’ in the cheat bar, with the sim name inserted where indicated, will restart the sim.

By doing so, stuck sims will function normally again and will no longer be victims of a game crash. However, your wishes and queues will be removed after the reboot.

6 Promote Sims quickly in their careers with the ‘Career Promotion’ cheat [Careers.Promote X]

Promoting Bella Goth using the races.  Promote the cheat in Sims 4

This cheat is ideal for players who want to progress quickly in their sim’s career. By typing ‘careers.promote X’, where ‘X’ is the career path the sim is currently on, the sim will advance one level in their career. For example, typing ‘careers.promote secretagent’ will advance a level 1 secret agent to level 2.

This cheat can be used repeatedly to advance through the ranks, or as many times as the player needs to achieve his personal gaming goals, peaking at the top of the sim’s career.

5 Satisfy a Sim’s goals with the Satisfaction Points Cheat [Sims.Give_Satisfaction_Points X]

Game Cheat Sims 4 Give Satisfaction Points to Sims

The sims 4 includes a game section called Satisfaction Points. These points are earned by fulfilling a Sim’s wishes and can be something as small as greeting someone or something as big as reaching their life goal. Every time a sim reaches a goal, they earn satisfaction points that can be spent on unique skills and items to make the game more entertaining or easier for the player.

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However, it may take some time to reach the number of points a player needs to make a larger purchase. For those who want to earn points quickly, the cheat code ‘sims.give_satisfaction_points x’, where ‘x’ is the amount of points, can make their life much easier. Players can even set this number to one million points if they want to make large purchases quickly.

4 Learn skills quickly with the skill acquisition hack [Stats.Set_Skill_Level Major_X]

The Sims 4 In-Game Skill Boost With Cheat Codes

This trick is a bit more complicated to use, as there are exceptions that will not work with the general code. By typing ‘stats.set_skill_level major_x’ into the cheat bar and replacing ‘x’ with the skill name and desired level, players can quickly advance many of their sims’ abilities in the game. This is useful for career advancement in particular, as some careers, such as professional games, will not allow the sim to advance without the necessary skill level.

However, this code does not work for all skills. For example, typing this cheat with ‘fitness 3’ will not increase the fitness level of the sim. Is recommended use a guide if you use this cheat code.

3 Edit a Sim easily with the Create-A-Sim cheat [Shift Click A Sim And Modify In CAS]

Click Shift by cheating on a Sim in The Sims 4 game

With all the custom content available for The sims 4, many fans will inevitably want to alter their sims at some point in the game. While the base game offers the ability to change outfits, it is not easy to modify the physical appearance of the sims. However, typing ‘cas.fulleditmode’ in the cheat bar, then pressing Shift and clicking on the sim that the player wants to modify will bring up several options.

One of them is ‘Modify in CAS’. Clicking on this will return the player to Create-A-Sim, allowing them to make adjustments and changes to their sim before saving and returning to the game.

two Meet the basic needs of each household member through the mailbox [Shift-Click The Mailbox And Alter Needs]

Shift clicking on mailbox to modify in-game cheating needs of The Sims 4

This cheat allows players great control over their sim’s needs. Holding down the shift key and clicking on your home mailbox will bring up several options. One of these options is “modify requirements”, which will lead to several more options when clicked.

Players can then choose to meet their household needs, effectively filling each ‘needs’ bar to the fullest, and can even choose to turn off household needs, thus eliminating the need to eat, sleep, use the bathroom, or even socialize on your own. sims. This option is reversible by simply pressing Shift and clicking the mailbox again and allowing the needs of the household to wane.

1 Make money instantly with a simple money trick [Money X]

Sim with a lot of money in The Sims 4

For players who do not want to keep their simoleons, there is a trick to fill their wallets quickly. While other tricks from previous Sims Games still exist, like ‘Motherlode’, there is a much simpler trick that allows players to create the richest characters in the game.

By typing ‘Money X’ in the cheat bar, where ‘x’ represents the amount, the player can immediately receive a huge boost in their household funds. For example, by typing “Money 1,000,000” on the bar, the player will immediately get 1,000,000 Simoleons, making it much easier for players to achieve the life of their dreams.

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