Hot on the heels of the film debut of The incantation: the devil made me do it On June 4, Discovery + will air a special related to the real-life story behind the latest installment in the horror film franchise. Shock Docs: The Devil Made Me Do It It will begin airing on June 11 and will trace the events surrounding a court case that saw a Connecticut man charged with murder using demonic forces as his primary defense during the trial.

The documentary, which reviews the facts of the brutal murder and the extraordinary police investigation and trial that followed, features interviews with the defendant’s family, local police and attorney that have never been broadcast on television before.

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Shock Docs: The Devil Made Me Do It

Travel Channel CEO Matthew Butler explained “” The ‘Shock Docs’ The franchise has quickly become a powerhouse for the paranormal genre and fans can’t get enough of this long-running storytelling format. The incredible saga of the Glatzel family, their work with the Warrens, and the anguish and pain that followed make this factual documentary scarier than fiction. “

The events documented in the heartbreaking show take place in 1980 and initially focuses on the alleged possession of 11-year-old David Glatzel, who after helping his sister and her boyfriend, Arne Johnson, fix their new home begins to see a “ghost man”. . In the horrible weeks that followed, it was claimed that David’s family witnessed the boy being attacked by an invisible force and heard him growl and speak in tongues, prompting them to contact a priest and known demonologist, Ed and Lorraine Warren. who decided to exorcise young David to free him from the evil that was trying to take his soul.

After several weeks, during David Glatzel’s final exorcism, Arne Johnson was said to have come between the boy and the devil and allowed the demon to enter his own body. While his actions were done to save the boy, things took a terrible turn five months later when Johnson stabbed his landlord after a heated confrontation; something that he later claimed he did not remember. He blamed the devil.

Johnson was charged with murder and brought to trial, and unsurprisingly, professions of innocence and the accusation that demonic forces are responsible were enough to get the public’s attention. Attorney Martin Minnella took up the case for the defense and, as a believer in the dark forces, became the first man to appear in court and attempt to prove the existence of the devil.

The incantation: the devil made me do it is the third film in the franchise that began in 2013, and has also seen three spinoff movies in the form of Annabelle trilogy, about the Annabelle doll from the original movie. Another spin off The nun, was released in 2018 and featured another supernatural entity first seen in the original film and its sequel, while a third spinoff based on The crooked man The character is also currently in development.

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