Bennett Jordan was seen as a villain on Tayshia Adams’ season of The Bachelorette and failed to show him his more vulnerable side.

Bennett Jordan, who appeared on Tayshia Adams’ season of High school, thinks he could have been a final contender if some things turned out differently. The 36-year-old had deep feelings for Tayshia, but her heart eventually turned to Zac Clark. As Tayshia enjoys her commitment to the addiction recovery specialist, Bennett reflects on her journey to find love more clearly. Now he understands what could have allowed him to kneel instead of Zac.

Along the High school Season 16, Bennett was portrayed as a villain that the Bachelor Nation loved to hate. The Harvard graduate was downright pompous at times, especially during his studies of “Young“Noah Erb in the four areas of emotional intelligence. However, Bennett’s mission to win Tayshia’s heart was evident. After she sent him home after her infamous two-on-one date with Noah, he appeared at her doorstep for a second chance, only to be eliminated again. Although Tayshia appreciated Bennett’s intellect and flamboyance, her relationships with the remaining men were much stronger.

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In a recent interview with Us weekly, Bennett talked about what might have helped a romance with Tayshia blossom. One of the main reasons their relationship failed, according to Bennett, was that he was never selected for a single date. Without this coveted time alone with High school, he had limited opportunities to show Tayshia his vulnerable side. “I think things could have been different“Bennett said. Still, he has no regrets about how he handled the minimal time he was given with her.”For me, I couldn’t have done it much differently.,” he said. “I wanted to expose myself and genuinely let him know how I felt.. “

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Although Bennett was not Tayshia’s last pick, he recovered and is catching up. Earlier this year, Bennett was reportedly seen on a date in New York City with Kit Keenan, a contestant on Matt James’ season. The Bachelor. The two, who have a 15-year age difference, appear to be just friends. Before this, he tried to fire his shot with the ex Single Peter Weber’s ex, Kelley Flanagan, but this went nowhere. While Bennett may be hitting the women in the franchise, he is gaining a huge following on social media thanks to his model-worthy photos and shirtless banana bread classes.

If someone is a Single or Bachelorette party leader, or one of several dozen contestants vying for your attention, the process is grueling. Fierce competition involves deep feelings and emotions, and most people are sure to get hurt at least once. For those who don’t find love on the show, it’s easy to look back with regret. But Bennett struggled to buy time with Tayshia, even breaking the rules to do so. Bachelor Nation hopes to find love soon, possibly in Single in paradise, which returns this summer.

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