The Dragon Ball The franchise has been popular since the original anime debuted in 1986, and has spawned several sequels and more than a dozen films. Most of these films feature most of the iconic fighters from the series, but only those from 2018. Dragon Ball Super: Broly it’s considered part of official canon, which is unfortunate because most of the other movies featured powerful villains as well.

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Broly’s character existed before, in fact, he starred in two of the non-canon movies, and the 2018 movie did a fantastic job enhancing his character. It has been announced that a new Dragon Ball film is in the works, and many believe it will likely be related to Dragon Ball Super ‘s Moro Arc. With that said, it would be nice to see the new movie focus on another existing non-canon villain from the movies or Dragon Ball GTAnd hopefully they’ll get the same stellar treatment that Broly got.

10 Garlic Jr. is the only non-Canon movie villain to appear in the DBZ anime

Garlic Jr.'s normal and super form

Garlic Jr. was the main villain of the fourth film in the franchise, Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone, and then appeared in his own 9-episode saga. The saga takes place between the events of Frieza and Trunks Sagas, but the episodes are considered filler, which means that Garlic Jr.’s character is not canon.

He uses the Dragon Balls to become immortal, and his goal was to kill all humans in order to avenge his father. It may seem small, but Garlic Jr. possesses a massive super form with a lot of Ki, and he can use that Ki to open a portal to the Dead Zone. Anyone caught by this attack will disappear in a few seconds.

9 The baby can definitely show up now that Super has introduced the truffles

The baby's true form and when it takes over Vegeta's body

Many fans despise Dragon GT ball, but he added a bunch of decent villains like Baby. This mutant machine was the last surviving member of the Truffle race., and his main objective was to exterminate all existing Saiyans. The Saiyans were the ones who killed Baby’s people.

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Baby is essentially a parasite, and he gave Vegeta one of his biggest failures when he got infected and took over his body. Baby is a villain who tried to avenge his people, and even tried to bring back the Truffles by sacrificing the humans of Earth. Super made the Truffle canon during the Tournament of Power, which means the door to Baby’s return is wide open.

8 Android 13 may be a slayer of gods from another universe

Android 23 and its transformation

The original Android 13 was destroyed by Dr. Gero before it was fully built, which means that the android shown in the movie, Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13! it came from another dimension. 13 is one of several movie villains who nearly beat Goku, and that’s because he was a prototype of Cell.

13 is capable of absorbing other androids, and when he does, he transforms into a maniacal, blue-skinned beast with orange hair resembling that of a Super Saiyan. Since the 12 universes basically serve as alternate dimensions, it would be easy to re-introduce 13 making him an almighty android who is tasked with killing the Gods of Destruction instead of Goku.

7 Hirudegarn’s God Status Makes It Perfect For Dragon Ball Super

Hirudegarn, constricting Gohan

Hirudegarn is the main villain of Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon, and he is a demon god who was created by a group of evil wizards. However, he did not start out as an evil being, as he was originally the protector of Planet Konats.

Since Hirudegarn is a God, he would perfectly fit the Super timeline, but it would probably need to be redesigned to have a normal humanoid body rather than the massive shape shown in the movie. Bringing in Hirudegarn would also mean making Tapion canon, as Konats’ legendary hero doesn’t even realize the demon dwells in his body until it’s too late.

6 Bojack’s appearance in Dragon Ball Heroes opens the door for his return

Bojack watching Gohan's fight

King Kai’s planet was one of the best planets to live in because its intense gravity was perfect for training, but when Goku inadvertently destroyed it during the Cell Games, it caused the seal holding the infamous Bojack to break. Bojack led the Galaxy Soldiers and his main goal was to conquer the entire universe.

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Bojack was an extremely tough opponent, but Gohan was able to beat him with a Super Kamehameha. The Dragon ball heroes However, the series showed that he was actually rescued by a man named Fu at the last second. Heroes not considered canon, but it would be nice to see Bojack brought to Super as he wants to fight Beerus, whom he thinks is a myth.

5 Lord Slug could be the Namekian version of a Super Saiyan God

Lord Slug after making his wish

Over the course of the series, the Nameks have shown that they are better than the Saiyans in a variety of ways. Lord Slug is a Namekian who was sent to Planet Slug to prevent a threat of extinction on Namek, and while in Slug, he unlocked a special mutation that transformed him into a Super Namekian.

Slug became a conqueror, and when he set his eyes on Earth, he learned about the Dragon Balls and used them to give himself eternal youth. If Slug were to return, he could easily be portrayed as a legendary Namekian warrior who can rival even a Super Saiyan God, and could be used to give Piccolo a massive boost of power.

4 Super android 17 would turn 17 into a villain

Super 17 absorbing an attack

Android 17 is one of the most balanced characters in the franchise, and he became the hero of the 12 universes when he used his one wish to retrieve the 11 that were destroyed during the Tournament of Power. GT ‘The third saga is called Super 17 Saga, and it focuses on Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu building a new Android 17 in Hell.

They end up contacting the 17 on Earth, and when a portal opens between Earth and Hell, both androids finally meet and merge. Super 17 is pure evil and can absorb practically any Ki blast. Super Saiyan 4 Goku was hardly a match for this villain, and it would be interesting to see Android 18’s reaction when / if he kills Krillin like he did in GT.

3 Janemba is a powerful demon that only Gogeta could defeat

Janemba was a powerful demon who was the living embodiment of evil, and gave Goku one of his biggest losses when he easily overpowered him. Janemba was so strong that Goku needed to call Vegeta for help, and even then it wasn’t enough.

They were only able to defeat Janemba because they merged with Gogeta, and at that moment, they took him out effortlessly. Janemba was one of the strongest opponents that Goku and Vegeta faced, but he never spoke, in fact, he was more or less evil for the simple fact of being evil. If it was added to Super, can develop and become a suitable character.

two Cooler is Frieza’s brother and his dynamic would be great to see

Cooler preparing to fight Goku

Frieza is arguably the best villain in the franchise, and thanks to King Cold, fans learned that he had a family of his own. Fans met his older brother Cooler in the movie, Cooler’s revenge who saw him visit Earth to kill Goku and claim his family’s honor.

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Fans have wanted Cooler to become canon for years, and it would be interesting to see him on. Super since Freeza is alive again. Cooler managed to unlock a fourth transformation form before Frieza got his golden form, meaning that he could become much stronger than his younger brother. Unlike Freiza, Cooler is an honorable assassin who is not consumed by his own ego.

1 Syn Shenron can easily appear thanks to the existence of the Super Dragon Balls

Omega Shenron grinning wickedly

On GT, the Dragon Balls cracked because they accumulated too much negative energy, and this resulted in the creation of seven dark dragons. Syn Shenron represented the 1-star ball, and up until that point, he was the strongest villain in the franchise.

Syn is incredibly selfish and doesn’t care about any other living being, including his fellow Shadow Dragons. Super introduced the Super Dragon Balls, and if the writers applied the GT history of these planet-sized Dragon Balls, it would be easy to create a Syn Shenron canon that is as strong as a God.

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