90 Day Fiancé star Angela Deem admits after her weight loss surgery that she doesn’t like water, before saying that green juice tastes like “urine.”

Popular 90 day fiancé Star Angela Deem is being mocked by fans for the shocking statements she made about healthy food in Happy forever? post-weight loss. Episode six of the TLC spinoff was emotional for many, with Angela saying goodbye to her best friend Jojo and trying to survive after his painful surgery. Whether Angela could maintain her weight loss by smoking and drinking Coke has been a question on every fan’s mind. But they also saw Angela break the rules right away, as the 90 day fiancé star was smoking a cigarette while calling Michael and declaring that a shake was “enough healthy things“For her that day.

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What 90 day fiancéAngela fights to get Michael to approve her facelift after having six operations that affected her body, her 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? The story is turning into a big mess. With Angela insisting that he will do whatever he wants with his money and his body, and Michael taken aback by his wife’s antics, fans have also started to take sides. Many have been puzzled by Angela’s behavior in Los Angeles, from flirting with doctors to smoking before surgery. Viewers believe Angela will have a hard time maintaining her 100-pound weight loss if she doesn’t follow post-operative instructions, and she caught a glimpse of it in 90 day fiancé.

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It is recommended to follow a liquid and sugar-free diet, 90 day fiancé Star Angela headed to a Los Angeles juice bar, and her first reaction to the healthy menu was: “Oh brother.“The recovering grandmother of six already had lighters in her reduced chest purse, but admitted she wanted one.”lifestyle change,“After which the waiter handed him a sample of a”kale, chard, bok choy“Smoothie. “What is all that?Angela asked with a bitter face. Later “devirginizing her juices“He told the server to his face,”I do not like it“Angie continued,”No one in their right mind would drink liquid spinach when canned spinach can be eaten.” But 90 day fiancéAngela found a smoothie of her choice that had mango, watermelon, and pineapple instead. But those who watch, including fans of RedditAngela thought, ridiculing the shake by calling it “to pee“It was disturbing at best.

I bet Angela’s body is so used to being dehydrated that she doesn’t even know how bad she is.“A TLC fan joked, as they added that if the 90 day fiancé star had “any ounce of self-discipline, ”She cut off the tail completely. Another fan reasoned that since Angela was smoking the day of her surgery, the “weight loss journey“It is not for your health. Another fan recalled Angela saying that she “does not like the water.“Someone else joked that with the amount he smokes, he doesn’t seem to like oxygen either. “Until Angela’s urine is green“It was another 90 day fiancé viewer response.

While some fans think Angela is ruining her health by going to such extremes due to her bad habits, many feel like she is promoting it on reality shows. A lots of 90 day fiancé viewers feel that Angela is smoking, drinking juice and flirting with the doctors is “hyphenatedAnd that he has also performed all his surgeries for free. While these claims remain rumors for now, Angela is healthy and fit, according to Instagram, about a year since her weight loss surgery.

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