Many of the characters in Fruit basquet They are trained in martial arts. Some of them have had to undergo extreme physical training to help hone their martial arts skills. Other characters have faced incredibly difficult circumstances and become emotionally strong.

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Many of the characters have shown incredible strength in dealing with the difficult situations they find themselves in. Some characters have been shown to be stronger than others, but each character has a measure of great strength.

10 Hatori was forced to erase his memories of his fiancée

Hatori Sohma was quiet and reserved. He worked as Sohma’s family physician and was also a member of the zodiac. His parents weren’t very loving. His mother died when he was a child and his father died when he was in high school.

Hatori’s life was pretty loveless until he met Kana. When he approached Akito to marry Kana, Akito attacked him. Kana blamed herself for Hatori’s injuries, and Hatori was forced to break up with Kana and erase her memories. It took a lot of strength to make Kana forget it.

9 Kisa stopped talking because she was bullied

zodiac tiger

Kisa Sohma was born as the tiger of the zodiac. She was one of the youngest members of the zodiac. After Akito found out about her relationship with Hiro, Akito attacked the young woman. As a result, Hiro began to ignore her.

Kisa had been tortured by her classmates due to her strange hair and eye color. The constant torture of her classmates made her incredibly saddened. Every time she tried to speak, they started teasing her. As a result, he stopped speaking but was able to overcome these obstacles thanks to Tohru’s influence.

8 Kazuma raised the pariah family

Kyo's father

Kazuma Sohma was Kyo’s adoptive father. His grandfather had been the cat of the zodiac before Kyo. When he was a child, Kazuma had treated his grandfather badly. As he grew older, he would come to regret his previous treatment of his father.

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His martial arts training allowed him to become an expert in the family. He has gone on to teach many of the younger generations. When Kazuma decided to adopt Kyo, he had many problems with the family. Many people tried to persuade him to give up Kyo, but he refused to abandon the boy.

7 Kagura’s strength comes from her boar status

Kagura waving

Kagura Sohma was born with the curse of the boar. She grew up in a happy family, with parents who loved her very much. His condition as a boar gave him a lot of physical strength.

His emotions seem to help fuel his explosions of strength, but as a boar, he also experiences moments of extreme stubbornness. Her stubbornness combined with her strength helped her dominate Kyo several times.

6 Hana had been brutally bullied by former classmates

Tohru's friend

Saki Hanajima was better known by her nickname, Hana. He has an affinity for wearing black and was born with the power to influence electronic waves. Her power labeled her a witch and people treated her as an outcast.

By the time Hana met Arisa and Tohru, she had endured a lot. Her former classmates had harassed and brutally attacked her, but she had gotten used to being alone. She had to become tough to endure the torment she had suffered in the past.

5 Momiji was completely rejected by his mother

Momiji Sohma was born as the rabbit of the zodiac. His cheerful demeanor contrasts somewhat with his dark past. When he was a child, his mother rejected him completely and altered his memories to forget him.

Momiji had to grow from the outside looking in. He never formed a relationship with his mother and had to watch his sister grow from afar. He had to survive the abandonment of his family.

4 Tohru suffered greatly after the loss of her mother

Tohru crying

Tohru has had to show a lot of strength in her young life. As a high school student, he has already lost both of his parents and was living in a tent at the beginning of the series.

Tohru suffered greatly after the loss of her mother. She was taken in by her paternal grandfather, but most of her paternal family treated her badly due to her mother’s criminal past. Fortunately, she is surrounded by many wonderful friends.

3 Hatsuharu gains strength with her black personality

Haru fighting Kyo

Hatsuharu Sohma is also known as Haru. It is the ox of the zodiac. He’s generally incredibly calm, but he has a darker side to his personality. From a very young age, the older members of the Sohma family made fun of Haru for being stupid.

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Her teasing is generally thought to be the reason why Haru developed her black personality to begin with. When it turns black, Haru shows incredible displays of strength. He has trained in martial arts from a young age and his ox status also seems to give him greater strength.

two Kyo has spent a long time training in martial arts

Kyo Sohma surrounded by cats

Kyo Sohma was born with the curse of the cat. As a cat, the rest of his family treated him terribly. His biggest dream is to be accepted by his family as a full member of the zodiac. Akito has promised to let him join the zodiac if he manages to defeat Yuki and Akito constantly challenges Yuki in various competitions but never manages to win.

Despite his immense martial arts training, he has never won. His history with his parents has made him emotionally strong. When he witnessed the death of Tohru’s mother, he ended up blaming himself. Overcoming the pain of your past shows your great inner strength.

1 Yuki has a natural affinity for fighting

Yuki Sohma the rat was born. He experienced poor health as a child, which still affects him occasionally as an adult. To gain power, his parents gave him to Akito. He was treated badly while living with the head of the family, but ended up reaching great emotional strength.

He trained in martial arts and has a natural affinity for fighting and has never been shown to lose a fight. Kyo once said that he’s even stronger when he’s half awake.

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