Inside the gang in It’s always sunny in Philly, there are a lot of fun double acts. Mac and Dennis have a codependent relationship, Charlie and Frank share a bed, etc. One of the funniest duos on the show are Dennis and Dee, who have a lot in common because they are twins and were both raised by the deplorable Frank Reynolds.

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Dennis believes that she is a “golden god” and, after purchasing a Range Rover, Dee believes that she is a “golden goddess”. These two sociopaths share a complete disregard for everyone besides themselves, including others, as well as for delusions of grandeur. So, they’ve had some fun misadventures over the years.

10 Gun Fever Too: Still Hot (Season 9, Episode 2)

Dennis and Dee at a gun show in It's Always Sunny

In the season 9 sequel to the season 1 gun control episode, “Gun Fever Too: Still Hot,” the gang is divided on the issue of weapons. While Frank riles the city, Mac and Charlie decide to train the children to defend themselves against the school shooters while Dennis and Dee hope to reform the legislation.

All of Dennis and Dee’s attempts to show that buying a firearm is too easy actually disproves their point, as they are robbed by an arms dealer in an alley and they were all pointed at gunpoint at a gun display. license.

9 The Gang Gets Trapped (Season 7, Episode 9)

Dennis and Dee trapped in a closet in It's Always Sunny

Season 7’s “The Gang Gets Trapped” is a hilariously self-conscious commentary on the Always sunny formula, starting in the middle of another ill-conceived plan that was carried out by the Gang.

In an attempt to steal an antique vase that they think should be in a museum, Dennis and Dee get trapped in a closet because they broke into the vase owner’s house and later it turned out they were home. The two of them spend a lot of time together, which makes for a great episode that shows off their dynamics.

8 Mac’s Big Break (Season 6, Episode 4)

Dennis and Dee recording a podcast on It's Always Sunny

While Charlie trains Mac for his appearance at the hockey stadium in season 6’s “Mac’s Big Break,” Dennis and Dee attempt to podcast with Frank as their producer by cracking into the microphone.

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Throughout the episode, Dennis and Dee go to great lengths, like throwing a bucket of dishwashing water on the waitress and playing silly sound effects to entice listeners.

7 Mac and Charlie write a movie (season 5, episode 11)

Dennis, Dee and Frank in It's Always Sunny

While Mac and Charlie try to put together a script with a mind-blowing plot twist in Season 5’s “Mac and Charlie Write a Movie,” Dennis and Dee work as extras on an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

Frank becomes Dennis’s manager and gives him more camera exposure and less makeup than Dee. An enraged Dee is covered in fake blood and is told to lie on his stomach, with no screen time.

6 Frank goes back to business (Season 8, Episode 7)

Dennis and Dee stealing identities in It's Always Sunny

Plot A of Season 8’s “Frank’s Back in Business” refers to Frank’s return to his old company when he is going through tough times, but Plot B with Dennis stealing Brian LeFevre’s identity is even more memorable.

When Dennis finds a wallet at the bar, he adopts the identity of the owner in a quest to “get rid” of the thrill of wearing another man’s skin. Dee tries to get into it, but finds that she doesn’t enjoy identity theft as much as Dennis, showing some of their differences.

5 The Gang Broke Dee (Season 9, Episode 1)

The Gang tries to see Dee in It's Always Sunny

After the constant abuse of Dee by the gang leads her to give up entirely on the season 9 premiere of “The Gang Broke Dee,” Mac, Charlie, and Frank respond by trying to lift their spirits. Dennis goes the other way and begins looking for a harmless middle-aged loser to marry her off.

The hilarious ending to the episode reveals that Dee’s unexpected meteoric rise into the stand-up comedy scene was staged by Frank, and Dennis was not involved, making him equally humiliated.

4 The gang goes to the Jersey shore (season 7, episode 2)

Dennis and Dee in the back of a truck in It's Always Sunny

While Mac and Charlie are skeptical of the reality show, Dennis and Dee insist that the Jersey Shore is a magical place where dreams come true. They convince the gang to take a vacation there so they can nostalgically relive their best childhood memories.

However, when Dennis and Dee get there, it’s very different from how they remember it. They find homeless people having sex under the boardwalk and end up being forced to participate in a robbery at gunpoint.

3 Mac and Charlie: White Trash (Season 6, Episode 5)

Dennis and Dee at a pool club in It's Always Sunny

When Mac and Charlie are rejected from an exclusive pool club in “Mac and Charlie: White Trash” from season 6, Dennis and Dee arrogantly assume that they will just be able to get in.

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However, they are also rejected from the club. The Dennis and Dee story in this episode gets a ton of comedic mileage from the culture shock of two spoiled rich kids attending a public pool filled with shoe thieves and kids throwing rocks at each other.

two Sweet Dee has a heart attack (Season 4, Episode 10)

Dennis with collagen in It's Always Sunny

Dennis and Dee worry about his health when the latter has a heart attack in season 4 of “Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack.” While Mac and Charlie get jobs to secure insurance, Dennis and Dee decide to get in shape, which they consider free insurance.

However, they find that the exercise part itself sucks, so they skip that and inject some collagen in hopes of improving their health by improving their self-image. Unfortunately, Dee messes it up and Dennis’s face swells up.

1 Dennis and Dee go to wellness (season 2, episode 3)

Dennis and Dee at the welfare office at It's Always Sunny

Realizing that working at Paddy’s is delaying their dreams of becoming a vet and an actor, respectively, Dennis and Dee quit their jobs and tried to scam the government out of unemployment benefits in season 2 of “Dennis and Dee Go on. Welfare “.

However, they find that they don’t meet any of the criteria to qualify for welfare payments, so they intentionally try to get addicted to crack, which of course is horrible.

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