Big Brother 4 winner Jun Song shared a photo with her son Noah and joked that she might one day become the Big Brother 35 winner.

Older brother 4 Winner Jun Song has shared a photo of his son, Noah, jokingly saying that one day he will win. Older brother 35. Lifelong viewers of Eldest brother considers Jun Song one of the most iconic winners of all time. When Jun entered the BB4 house, some fans and many contestants dismissed her as a weak player. At the time, the show had just departed from the model established by Dr. Will Kirby in BB2, and the biggest upset was that Danielle Reyes did not win BB3.

During his time in Older brother 4Jun Song played a masterful game and kept a low profile while the other more explosive contestants stained their hands with blood and placed targets on their backs. But by the time he got to the end with Alison Irwin, a lot of players began to realize the strategy Jun had been using all season and how he had beaten them all in front of their faces.

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Unfortunately, Jun Song and the production team behind Eldest brother She hasn’t had the best relationship over the years, which is a big reason why she was never invited back on the show to compete again. Jun has also expressed a few times that she would not be interested in returning. That said, Jun may have been playing the long game once again and secretly training his son Noah to become a future. Eldest brother winner. As seen in the post shared below, Jun Song shared a photo with his son, writing: “Your BB4 and BB35 winners wish you a month of fierce pride and love.”

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On the surface, this post is about the Pride Month celebration, and it’s clear that Jun Song was joking when he called his son a “BB35 Winner”. Unfortunately, this little joke is still noteworthy given that it is the first time Jun has indicated that she would be open to the idea of ​​her son one day competing on the show. BB13 Winner Rachel Reilly has been extremely vocal in the past about how she wants her children to compete on the show once they are old enough, but Jun hasn’t been that open about it over the years.

We may never see Jun Song in Eldest brother again due to his supposedly strained relationship with some people involved in the show, but perhaps fans can see Noah bring home another trophy for the Song family in a future season.

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Older brother 23 premieres Wednesday, July 7, 2021 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Sources: Jun Song on Instagram

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