In the latest issue of DC’s Justice League, it is revealed that the Flash nearly killed his allies due to some incorrect math on his part.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Justice League # 62

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ League of JusticeBy Barry Allen Flash he almost killed his allies due to bad math. Recent troubles have seen the League attempting to fight the new interdimensional foe known as Brutus, hailing from the same alternate Earth as the new mega-powerful hero Naomi Mcduffie, who was sent to primary Earth by her parents to escape corruption. , decay and increasing evil of his home world. While the League decided to be proactive and confront Brutus on his own turf, Flash freaks out at first over this issue, realizing that he made a mistake that could have cost his friends their lives.

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In recent editions of League of Justice From writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Márquez, Brutus seeks to conquer the main Earth for himself, though the League has managed to stop him every time he enters from his own world. However, the League apparently grew tired of being reactionary and decided to be proactive, deciding to travel the multiverse to visit Naomi and Brutus’ homeworld, a devastated Earth with 29 beings who received superpowers thanks to radiation from the ozone layer that It decomposes. While most of the League, Black Adam and Naomi jumped into the world, Barry Allen was left behind, tasked with taking the team back and forth once the mission was completed.

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This leads to Justice League # 62. At the beginning of the trouble, Wonder Woman’s mother, Hippolyta, came to the Hall of Justice with the desire to speak to the League. However, Flash is the only one there, and he soon realizes that the calculations he did to send the League across the multiverse were wrong. Fearing the worst, Barry Allen quickly calls an expert to correct his calculations and help him with a solution to bring his allies back home.

Justice League 62 Flash Bad Math

It turns out that Mr. Terrific was able to help Barry find a solution, and Flash jumped in with Hippolta to find the League and bring them home. However, while the League was not killed by Barry’s bad math, would do explain as they all arrived scattered and separated from each other. Also, it certainly seems like the League’s troubles are just beginning, even going beyond Brutus taking down its most powerful members, such as Superman and Black Adam.

Now, the conqueror of the dark world known as Zumbado has made his presence known, who also has a history with Naomi and her parents. Clearly, this new player joining forces with Brutus could amount to absolute disaster and danger, far more than the risks of The flash forgetting to carry the 2. Although it is not clear how this new confrontation will unfold, Zumbado does it make it clear that he is the one who decides who stays and leaves his world. Obviously, the League of Justice you’re going to have to work hard for them in future issues if they ever want to come home from this dark world.

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