Cornwell releases her 25th book in the Kay Scarpetta series later this year.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Blumhouse Television have partnered to acquire the rights to Patricia cornwellliterature favorite Kay Scarpetta, with actress Comet Pictures and the horror hit factory looking for a showrunner and a home for the hour-long series.

Forensic pathologist Scarpetta has appeared in 25 crime thrillers since her first appearance in Cornwall. Post mortem in 1990, with the last, Autopsy, which will be released in December, though it’s not mentioned whether Curtis is considering an on-screen role. The project will be included in Curtis’ sighting deal with Blumhouse, and she will executive produce the show with Jeremy gold, while Blumhouse Television Jason blum Y Chris McCumber they are also listed as executive producers.

The legendary scream queen turns out to be a huge fan and good friend of Cornwall, and the author is notoriously reluctant to allow Hollywood to adapt Scarpetta for film or television. Demi moore was ready to play it in the early 90’s when Columbia Pictures placed Cruel and unusual in development, while a decade later Angelina Jolie was attached to Red fog for Fox 2000.


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Cornwall released a statement to celebrate the news, and is clearly excited at the prospect of Curtis and Blumhouse bringing their most famous creation to live action at last:

“I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing Jamie for several years, and have grown to respect her tremendously as an artist and a stellar human being. Blumhouse is a creative force of nature and I’m sure Scarpetta will hit the screen in a fantastic way. To say that I am excited is an understatement and I have no doubt that my readers will feel the same. ”

It’s another addition to a packed list for Curtis, who is currently filming. Eli roth‘s Borderlands and it has horror sequels Halloween deaths Y Halloween ends arriving in October this year and next, as well as the mysterious science fiction of A24 Everything everywhere, everything at once. On top of that, she is also set to co-write and direct eco-horror. Mother Nature, while a television pilot based on his Audible podcast Camp Cards it is also in process.

The Cornwall series marks a new departure from familiar territory for Blumhouse, as the company moved away from horror on television with a landmark miniseries. The good lord bird, drama Loudest voice, docuseries A desert of error Y The spell, along with the HBO psychological thriller Sharp objects and Netflix document A secret love, with Kay Scarpetta finally set for the screen more than 30 years after her literary debut.

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