Mackenzie Dipman revealed to Love Island USA fans that she will compete in the Miss Arizona USA pageant in 2021.

Love Island United States The star Mackenzie Dipman will compete in the Miss Arizona USA pageant in 2021. The love story between Connor Trott and Mackenzie began on the first day of Love Island United States season 2. Connor was one of the original six boys for the season, and Mack was among the five girls from the first day. As the weeks passed, fans, as well as Mackenzie and Connor’s co-stars, began to question whether their connection was real and solid.

Despite his turbulent journey in Island of love, Mackenzie Dipman and Connor Trott dated for many months after the show ended, and they also became two of the most followed contestants on Instagram. However, things got a bit tricky once Mackenzie embarked on her modeling career and Connor landed a high-paying job as an accountant for a major Pennsylvania company. Overall, their long-distance relationship and different career paths led to Mack and Connor breaking up.

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Now, Mackenzie Dipman is updating the Love Island United States with great news: this year she will compete in the Miss Arizona USA pageant. As seen in the post below, the contest will run from July 9-11, 2021. “Over the next several weeks there will be opportunities for you to vote and show your support,” Mackenzie wrote: “So stay tuned for more updates!” Since the Island of love Fans voted for Mackenzie on the show before, she may be able to count on those fans to help her do well on the pageant. Mackenzie will enter the pageant as Miss Sabino Canyon USA.

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Lots of Mackenzie Dipman’s Love Island United States The co-stars have reacted positively to its post and shown their support for this new endeavor. “I’m so proud of you! I can’t wait.” Laurel Goldman said. “YES ANGEL” Cely Vázquez commented. “So proud !!! You have my vote!” Kierstan Saulter revealed. “I’ve got you all the way baby” Mercades Danielle shared. As of this writing, Mackenzie’s post already has over 26,000 likes, showing how much support she’s getting to enter the Miss Arizona USA pageant.

After all, Mackenzie changed the minds of many Love Island United States fans who didn’t necessarily understand her at the beginning of season 2. She and Connor turned out to be the last couple standing in the postseason era, and despite the fact that they have now parted ways, both Connor and Mackenzie have. They seemed to support each other.

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Sources: Mackenzie Dipman on Instagram

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