Sony is reportedly once again developing a Black Cat movie with Felicity Jones as the leading lady of the anti-hero and Spider-Man’s love interest.

Sony is once again looking to bring Marvel Comics’ antihero Black Cat to the big screen.

The news comes through a report from That hashtag show, which suggests that the character’s potential movie is being written. It is reportedly being written by a freelance writer and director who was successful with a debut in 2017 and another success in 2019, although the person’s name was not specified. The report says that the film will be an origin story for the character and will feature Chameleon as the main antagonist, with Blaze appearing as the Enforcer, a small team of professional criminals based in New York City who have seen Green Goblin and Sandman among them. their ranks.

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The plot will see Felicia Hardy (Black Cat’s alter ego) recovering from the disappearance of her father, Walter Hardy, a world-renowned cat thief. His absence makes Felicia need to fend for herself, but over time, a larger conspiracy develops. The report suggests that Felicia’s origin story has been altered a bit, with a change that may upset longtime fans, though it does allow for the simplification of the story. No specific details were given.

Casting has not started for the film, but some of the roles have been written with specific actors in mind. To play Felicia, Sony is interested in bringing Felicity Jones, who previously played Felicia Hardy, but not Black Cat, in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The new project will not be a continuation of her previous role, but both the director and Sony have expressed their desire to work with her. For Walter Hardy, Sony is looking for someone like Sam Elliott.

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These details may not be specific, as the script is being rewritten. This wouldn’t be the first time a Black Cat movie had been brought in, as a movie dating back to the development of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Ultimately, it aired due to the company’s inability to accept any of the scripts, including one in which Black Cat teamed up with mercenary Silver Sable.

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