Andrei and Libby Castravet have been receiving constant criticism of Happily Ever After? viewers, and many turn completely against the couple.

Libby and Andrei Castravet have been receiving criticism from fans on 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? and the reaction continues to reach the couple on social media. Libby and Andrei have appeared on multiple franchise spin-off shows since they debuted on 90 day fiancé and many viewers believe that his story has run its course. The chaotic couple clash with Libby’s cocky family, causing a repetitive drama for viewers. Libby and Andrei’s sweet couple moment on Instagram fell through when angry commenters dragged the American and Moldovan duo away.

The tension between Andrei and Libby’s brother Charlie continues to rise in the new episode of Happy foreveras Charlie has been tasked with teaching Andrei the basics of the family business of flipping from home. Fans were shocked to see Andrei demolish a refrigerator instead of selling or donating it and Charlie was equally upset to find that Andrei was working without his orders. Meanwhile, viewers have dragged Libby away for discussing with her sister Jenn the possibility of getting a babysitter behind Andrei’s back to help with young Ellie while Libby works from home. Many fans believed that Libby only wanted a babysitter because she and her family are accused of being pretentious and just wanting to fit a certain image of wealth.

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Instagram fan account @ 90dayfiancenow shared a video of Libby and Andrei making clay masks with the caption “Mud Mask Time with Elizabeth and Andrei!“Libby’s Instagram clip showed the couple enjoying a beauty routine together in seemingly happy surroundings. However, many of the commenters were critical of Andrei and Libby.”I know it sounds cruel and I usually don’t talk like that, but I honestly and truly can’t bear to see his face and it’s all about what comes out of him and it’s all about what she lets him deal with what he does. me sicksays one of the leading commenters. Viewers have noted the shocking vulgarity Andrei uses when speaking to Libby and her family members. Many fans have asked TLC to remove Andrei’s Russian curses as they do not allow such vulgarities in be broadcast.

They are my least favorite partner“stated one commenter. Others expressed that they couldn’t wait until the couple left the show because they didn’t like their segments.”Cancel. They are boring“Said another viewer.”Can we sign a petition to get them out of the program too? They are so disgusting!“Another commenter chimed in. Many commenters were still upset that Andrei damaged the refrigerator.”It’s so wasteful. Could have donated the entire fridge cabinets“wrote one person. Others expressed that they thought Andrei was using Libby because of his rich dad.”He’s in it for daddy’s money, ain’t no love there“commented another commenter.”I’d rather have a root canal“wrote someone else.

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Happy forever Season 6 so far has drawn criticism from everyone Libby is around. Andrei has been criticized for being vulgar and rude, while Charlie is considered by many to be the American version of Libby’s rude husband. Meanwhile, the Potthast family has come under fire for mocking Patriarch Chuck and trying to present a false upper-class image. Recently, Chuck was also criticized for slipping into married cast member Emily Lavina’s DMs. General, 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? viewers are fed up with watching the Potthast family and Andrei provoke drama on television.

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