After losing 30 pounds of weight, Natalie seems to want to tighten her sagging skin. She shared a video while the body was profiled.

Natalie Mordovtseva from 90 day fiancé He’s showing off his slimmer physique while contouring Sono Bello’s body. The Ukrainian native recently dropped 30 pounds and now appears to be tightening her sagging skin to improve her appearance. A lots of 90 day fiancé Viewers may have noticed that Natalie had gained some weight after arriving in the United States. She looked pretty slim when she first came to America, but eventually, her face started to look rounder and her belly seemed bigger than before.

Some 90 day fiancé fans even thought she might be pregnant and may be gaining weight as a baby. However, the 36-year-old beauty revealed that she gained 20 pounds. At that time, he was living in a stressful situation and overeating. She decided to change her physical appearance and found a fitness expert online. After a few months on the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting, he lost 30 pounds. The former model and actress regained her slim figure. In late April, she also underwent liposuction on her waist, abdomen, and chin.

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Mike Youngquist’s wife will now undergo another cosmetic surgery: body contouring. This procedure is done after a significant weight loss to improve the appearance of the skin and tissues. Natalie posted two Instagram stories while receiving treatment at a Sono Bello clinic. His rib cage is visible and his face looks much thinner. The reality TV star seems very happy with the results; That is why he is also giving a greeting to Sono Bello. Natalie He does not wear much makeup in IG history and can be seen in surgical clothing.

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Natalie marked the location near Tampa, Florida, so it appears that she is still far from her husband, Mike. As Natalie works on her dream body and modeling career, Mike seems to move on with a new girl. He was allegedly seen dating a woman with long blonde hair. A fan alleged that Mike and the woman were seen walking near Glacier, Washington. Apparently they didn’t look like friends; they must be dating.

The fan also showed a supposed receipt for his story, which had Mike’s full name on it. All clues suggest that Natalie and Mike are living apart and may be on the road to divorce. Natalie is already getting proposals from some singles who would like to take her out on a date. She was also linked to an American man who is in the process of divorcing his wife. He’s rich and can match the 90 day fiancé star Natalie’s high IQ.

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