Mighty Goose is a colorful run ‘n’ gun throwback inspired by classic Metal Slug games, but the end product feels underdeveloped and clunky.

Sometimes the paint job is beautiful, but there is very little under the hood. Such is the case of run ‘n’ gun recoil Mighty goose, a new game starring a meme-ready goose with robot arms and legs and a furious temper. That anticipatory sense of character quickly fades, like the colorful but undernourished devotional tribute to SNK’s classic. Metallic Slug Series eventually equates to a box of spare parts, many of which are broken.

For a game that concentrates on that light and cheerful character stuff, Mighty goose you forget to do something too interesting with your story. The main character is silent aside from the goose-horn honking requirement, which already feels a bit dated in terms of internet time, and is given context and mission reports via an NPC via walkie. talkie. It’s a 2D platformer-based shooter, though every time the platformers decide to take first place, the worst qualities of the game become more apparent.

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Watching a short trailer for the game or looking at some screenshots paints a pretty picture for Mighty goose. There are constant explosions and pyrotechnic effects, enemy robots dying in droves, and a chubby, handsome pixel art style that seems like a sure thing. The problem is, for a genre that generally prioritizes discernment for delicate gameplay, the game is loud and completely unreadable when the action gets frantic. Constant and perplexing deceleration effects, a Mortal Kombat Reference “toast”, and even the ability to be killed in the middle of a short narrative interlude communicates the idea that Mighty goose it just wasn’t tested enough before launch.

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Mighty Goose Crow Boss review

This means at least a few cheap kills are promised, and a shady checkpoint system could put players back seconds or minutes behind. And yet even these cheap kills hardly matter when the enemies are so nondescript and basic. For some reason, the main enemy of the game is a blue robot with grenades. Having a grenadier as the main enemy in a marksman defies meaning, as it creates a choppy and uneven tension between the protagonist and his most common enemy. One yellow robot version with paddle shift fires a blaster, another carries a shield, and there may be eight or more enemies throughout the entirety of Mighty goose, almost all of which have only one type of attack. Even if the AI ​​were really competent, it would have nothing to do, but it is not even particularly effective in its mundane tasks.

Bosses appear at the end of most levels and try to mix things up a bit, but they’re just as basic, just with bigger health bars. Most are buggy in some way – a worm boss frequently loses the ability to harm the player, making the fight child’s play, and all of them result in sleepy, low-risk encounters. With the ease of entering “Powerful Mode”, Mighty goose They rarely punish judicious use of power and are also essential for completing certain boss fights.

Mighty Goose Review Aether Fight

Mighty Mode is a special active ability that charges through damage dealt and grants the player invulnerability and increases their firepower, either using the basic pistol or any of a small selection of weapons; grabbing any of these triggers an audio signal that apes Metallic SlugInfamous announcer, a predictable joke that is still hilarious. There are also some vehicles that echo that classic series, although they are rarely fun or exciting to use, and Mighty goose it doesn’t even bother to modify its function when the skill is active.

The music is upbeat and feels suitable for Mighty gooseThe arcade atmosphere and the visual presentation and animation look great on still images or clips. There is also a new game mode +, which allows players to re-experience all nine levels, except that almost nothing has changed and there is no significant reward for doing so, story related or otherwise. Triggering it when a previous save is reset is cumbersome, requiring players to slowly navigate the entire map again. It seems like the idea for a new game plus was ordered very late in development, adding little to a game that desperately needs additional game incentives.

Mighty Goose Review Vehicles

Although there is abundant evidence here for worthy inspirations that should fuel a fun run-and-shoot experience, the end product is not delivered. Style and pizazz are offered, but even a variety of unlockable abilities and AI-controlled companions can’t liven up a game that feels so flat and underdeveloped. Mighty goose You will surely move some units based on your images alone, but they will be of little comfort when no one can tell what is happening on the screen.

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Mighty goose Releases on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PlayStation 5 and June 5. A digital PC code was provided to Screen rant for the purposes of this review.

Our rating:

1.5 out of 5 (poor, some good parts)

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