Natalie Mordovtseva is furious at Trish for calling her a prostitute in Boyfriend of 90 Days, but is what Mike Youngquist did the reason behind her heartbreak?

Natalie Mordovtseva from 90 day fiancé is criticizing her husband Mike Youngquist for his heinous behavior towards his mother Trish. After being married for seven months in Sequim, Mike decided to fly to Oklahoma with Natalie to spend Thanksgiving with Trish. While Natalie was well aware that Trish had tried to cancel her wedding, the trip seemed like a chore, but Mike’s mother is making the Ukrainian actress’s life a living hell. 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? The already annoyed Natalie became even more agitated after Mike pressed his buttons by getting frisky out of nowhere.

The 90 day fiancé The couple who have been through two hellish seasons by getting married at the end of season 8 came as a shock to many. Just one day before they got married, Mike had broken off their relationship at Trish’s insistence, and even during the ceremony the couple’s neighbor, Tamara, was asked to object. However, 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? It’s been a different kind of hell for Natalie with Trish wanting to feed her snakes or dragging her to a meat shop when she’s a vegetarian. Trish also complains that Natalie is using Mike for her money and that she is not a good housekeeper.

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And even to Natalie’s surprise, her 90 day fiancé Mike, her husband, had been silent the entire time. As Mike is shown arguing about Natalie with his mother during scenes, he gets excited just for the Thanksgiving meal as he dismisses his wife’s complaints. “Mike has this character that he doesn’t want to see certain things, he ignores it.Natalie commented. But episode 7 of HEA shows Mike on a different level of ignorance during a scene with Natalie and Trish in their little kitchen. For a change, Trish and Natalie seem to be bonded over cooking borscht for Thanksgiving. 90 day fiancé when mike walks in

There are too many people in the kitchen. Michael, can you go?Natalie asks. Natalie comments how it is “really dirty“He doesn’t like her anymore, but Mike keeps acting indecent in front of his mom. It takes a few more grabs from Mike before she actually leaves and heads outside to clear out the fire pit. She later tells the camera that Natalie looked good in her apron and high heels, before unusually adding: “bow girl wow wow. “

A little later, Michael comes back in and that’s when 90 day fiancé Fans finally see the scene where Natalie accuses Trish of calling her a prostitute. “She told me prostitute, ”Natalie cries, but TLC doesn’t show what happened. It seems that Mike’s actions in the kitchen have created even more tension between his mother and his wife, and this could be what ends their relationship. Thanksgiving dinner did nothing to ease matters, and a preview of 90 day fiancé next week shows Natalie finally marching as Trish exclaims: “Give her five thousand dollars and send her back to fucking Ukraine.

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