Most of the clothing in Red Dead Redemption 2 is for looks only, but there are some outfits in the first game that would have been beneficial to Arthur.

Rock stars Red Dead Redemption 2 is the perfect game for players who prefer their in-game avatar to look stylish in the late 19th century. There are dozens of clothing items to be found, purchased, and made throughout the vast Western game, potentially resulting in thousands of outfit combinations. Arthur Morgan can hunt down the ill-gotten riches of the Van der Linde gang while dressing up for an evening out or dressing up for a long day at work on the ranch.

While John Marston enjoys the luxury of a deep wardrobe in the epilogue of RDR2, their outfits in the first Red dead redemption they were predetermined, and were often unlocked by completing historical historical missions. Players are also given full costumes for Arthur after completing certain story missions, but many players will likely go for their own style.

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One benefits the original Red dead redemptionThe outfits they had over the second’s are special attributes. Wearing a coat will keep Arthur warm in snowy areas of RDR2, but most of the clothes are for appearance only. John’s outfits in Red dead redemption it often had an associated benefit, such as certain lawless gangs no longer considering the player hostile while using it, something that may have made Arthur’s life a little less complicated.

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Red Dead Costume Arthur Could Have Worn In RDR2 – Fancy Suit

John Marston in the elegant Red Dead Redemption suit

One of John’s most honored looks in Red dead redemption, the elegant suit can be purchased from the tailor at Thieves’ Landing. By making the player look like anything but an outlaw, the Smart Suit allows them to cheat at poker games. Maybe if Arthur had turned into a card shark instead of following Dutch’s plans, he would have had access to this outfit in RDR2.

The Red Dead outfit Arthur could have worn in RDR2 – Expert Hunter

John Marston in the Red Dead Redemption Expert Hunter outfit

Hunting was an important feature in the first Red dead redemption game, but even more in Red Dead Redemption 2. The larger wilderness had more hunting opportunities, and the added benefit of the Expert Hunter team of doubling the number of hides and skins obtained from felled animals would have been a great help to Arthur. This outfit would have been a game changer in Arthur’s quest for even more outfits, but it’s questionable if all of those RDR2 hunting trophies could have fit on his horse.

The Red Dead Outfit Arthur Might Have Worn In RDR2 – Smart Merchant

John Marston in RDR's smart trader outfit

The double breasted coat from the Savvy Merchant suit is quite a classy look for Mr. Marston. Wearing the Savvy Merchant outfit allows players to purchase weapons and ammo at half the cost.

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Having adequate funds is usually not a problem for Red Dead Redemption 2 players, but Arthur, being an effective barter, could have saved the gang in the long run, with all those bullets used in his numerous shootouts.

The Red Dead outfit that Arthur could have worn in RDR2 – Office Uniform

John Marston incredibly wearing the office uniform in Red Dead Redemption

In the final version of Red dead redemptionIt’s actually impossible for John (pictured above) to wear the office uniform as it can only be obtained by his son, Jack, in the epilogue when the player achieves 100% game completion. The uniform of a Bureau of Investigation agent has great power; the legal hand of the US federal government is virtually untouchable, and the Office Uniform ensures that the player is never pursued by law enforcement. Many of Arthur’s troubles in Red Dead Redemption 2 it could have been avoided if he had posed as a member of the BOI.

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