The ninth season of American horror story it was about paying homage to the era of slasher horror and featured many calls to favorite movies like Friday the 13th Y I know what you did last summer. Many of the cast members of Ryan Murphy’s anthology series returned from previous seasons, but there were also many AHS debuts as Gus Kenworthy playing the stereotypical athlete and Angelica Ross as the camp nurse.

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In typical B-movie horror fashion, there was a lot of bloodshed and each character seemed to have something to hide. From a last girl with a tragic backstory, rage-filled revenge seekers, and amoral villains, there was plenty to like about the latest batch of season 9 characters. Although not all of them were redeemable, they all had their good times, even the assassin from the camp, Mr. Jingles. Here are the best traits of each main cast member of AHS: 1984.

10 Xavier Plympton: Ultimately a good boy

The promising actor and aerobics instructor wasn’t a bad person, he just got into a really bad situation. After becoming a ghost trapped forever in Camp Redwood, he changed, going from wanting to help others to wanting to take out his anger at losing his life. Still, in the end, he was able to channel his anger onto the right people and worked with the other ghosts to help keep Bobby safe by helping to continually kill Ramirez and Margaret.

9 Trevor Kirchner: Love for Montana

He was far from being the smartest character this season, but Trevor still had his good qualities. Ultimately, he wanted to do the right thing even if he gave in to take the easy way out by blackmailing Margaret. Trevor’s love for Montana was hands down his best trait, and in the end, after seeing the amount of bloodshed and horror caused by Margaret, he knew he had to do the right thing even if it ended up costing him his life. By becoming a ghost at Camp Redwood, he was able to spend eternity with his beloved Montana while protecting Bobby from both Ramirez and Margaret.

8 Richard Ramirez: love Billy Idol

There is little to like about a Satanic character with a total lack of empathy for others. Throughout the season, Richard Ramirez took pleasure in torturing the other characters and proved himself to be completely irredeemable.

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Of course, being based on the real-life American serial killer of the same name should have been a huge sign that this character was not going to be very likable. Still, his love for punk rocker Billy Idol is at least one humanizing quality that can be seen in this otherwise inhuman rapist and serial killer.

7 Chet Clancy: Good-hearted

He might have been stereotyped as the typical dumb jock, but Chet wasn’t really a bad guy. After being disqualified from the Olympics due to testing positive for drugs, Chet developed anger issues over his loss. Still, he was ultimately a decent person, who happened to be the victim of Margaret Booth’s massacre leaving him trapped as a ghost at Camp Redwood. In the end, he still teamed up with the other souls trapped in the camp to help protect Bobby by helping to continually kill Ramirez and Margaret.

6 Montana Duke: devotee of aerobics

While her desire for revenge and extremely impulsive behavior eventually got the better of her after going to Camp Redwood, Montana’s exercise ambitions were admirals and her devotion to aerobics was definitely her best and least lethal trait. It’s a shame that instead of following her passion, she chose to give in to her rage, which ultimately killed her. Aside from her love of fitness, Montana was also extremely frank and open about her sexuality. While her personality might be quite nice, she herself admitted that people might get annoyed with her behavior.

5 Ray Powell: Friendly

He might be a coward with a dark secret, but Ray was far from the worst person in Camp Redwood. His best trait was easily his friendly and fun-loving nature, but that was far from enough to keep Ray safe from having his head chopped off with an ax. It also didn’t make up for the fact that Ray was trying to escape the accidental murder he committed while hazing at a frat house. In many ways, his worst trait of being a coward overruled his kindness. Still, in the end he teamed up with the others to keep Bobby safe by contributing to the repeated murders of the deadly Ramirez and Margaret.

4 Margaret Booth: committed to murder

He was undoubtedly one of the most disgusting and evil characters of this season despite his initially innocent appearance. Although she pretended to be a devout Christian, she was actually a Satanist, repeatedly murdering counselors at Camp Redwood and framing him in Benjamin Richter and later Brooke Thompson.

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While it is difficult to view any of his behaviors in a positive light, his best trait is undoubtedly his extreme commitment to achieve his goals by all means possible. After all, most people wouldn’t dream of doing the things Margaret did, but her lack of morals and her knack for manipulating those around her definitely proved that she wasn’t going to let anyone get in her way, even if in the end things didn’t work out.

3 Benjamin Richter / Mr. Jingles: Protecting Your Son

Despite being a murderer, the wrongfully accused Benjamin Richter’s descent into obscurity was more the result of being framed by the murderer Margaret Booth. Still, he committed acts of cold-blooded murder that aren’t exactly easy to forgive, yet his tragic backstory certainly made him a bit more understanding. Unfortunately, his attempt to start a new life ended with the death of his wife by Ramírez. His best quality is definitely his loyalty and devotion to protecting his son after his new identity was discovered, even though it meant having to leave Bobby to be raised by someone else.

two Rita / Donna Chambers: Trying to correct her mistakes

The flawless fashion of Donna Chambers definitely made some poor decisions in her quest to better understand the nature of her serial killer father. By helping to free Benjamin Richter from Red Meadow Asylum so that he could study him in his “natural habitat”, he became partially responsible for every act of murder that was committed. However, in the end he felt guilty for his actions and his best trait was undoubtedly trying to correct some of his mistakes by helping Brooke escape her execution by faking her lethal injection.

1 Brooke Thompson: Letting Go of the Past

Unlike many of the characters in AHS: 1984, Brooke did not enter Camp Redwood with murderous intentions and, unfortunately, she was a continual victim of bad circumstances throughout this season. While most of the characters let their desire for revenge take over, Brooke was not only able to make it out alive, but also learned to put aside the many horrors of Camp Redwood and its tragic past. Her ability to move on not only helped keep her alive, but also gave her the happy ending she deserved even though her path was filled with some seriously traumatic twists and turns along the way.

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