In The Old Guard: Tales Through Time # 2, one of Andy’s immortal team members is unknowingly responsible for the birth of the Netflix movie villain.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Old Guard: Tales Through Time # 2, by Eric Trautmann, Mike Henderson and Daniela Miwa, out now.

Before The old guard It was a feature of Netflix, the original comic series centered on Andy and his group of immortals who had to escape the clutches of the sinister Steven Merrick. He worked with his handler, Copley and Booker, sowing seeds of betrayal as he wanted to capture and experiment with them to harness eternal life for himself.

He was quite sadistic, so much so that the Netflix movie made him a corporate mogul so he could use immortals as guinea pigs in a pharmaceutical project. While the Multiplied force the comic sequel didn’t stop at the tyrant, Tales through time Number 2 ironically reveals that it was created by one of Andy’s team members.

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The Old Guard Booker

This story, “Strong Medicine”, has Booker in 1870 in Colorado waiting for Andy. However, the place is a mess, and since there is no gold rush yet, he resorts to drinking in the lounge. Part of this is to kill time, but on the way to town, he saw a medic, Banning, hanging after a skirmish.

This triggered memories of his past, where he was hanged for defecting from Napoleon, so Booker hits the bottle. But at the bar, he collides with Eamon Coyle’s gang. Eamon was the one who killed Banning because he wanted the medic to save his misfit brother, Keenan, which just couldn’t happen. Eamon is cursing everyone, including Booker, and admits that they have a British doctor coming to heal their relatives.

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Booker finds it funny because Eamon is too drunk, stupid, or in denial to accept that his brother is gone, leading to another fight. In the melee, Eamon blows Booker’s brains out in front of the new doctor and then proceeds to try to lynch the doctor. But Booker’s healing powers as Wolverine kick in and he stands up, he’s missing an eye and has blood on his skull, which stuns the bartender. He then grabs his sword and pistol, heading to save the doctor.

Cut a bloody scene, savagely slaughter the gang and rescue the man. The doctor is in shock when he saw Booker die and quickly jumps into his cart to flee the chaotic scene. He jokes that this is a story to inspire his descendants and surprisingly the side of his car reveals that he is Milford Merrick. He is a healer, scholar, and scientist, which means that Booker just saved Steven’s life. ancestor.

By letting Milford live, Book saved Steven’s bloodline, paving the way for him to sell out his allies in a bloody civil war. That led to so much torture and pain, and Booker was also exiled, learning the old maxim that “no good deed goes unpublished” in a very literal sense.

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