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Horror movies don’t always have the most successful sequels or reboots. Whether the source material looks old and outdated or a change in production causes the film to lose what made the original so special, rebooting or creating a sequel / spinoff to a much-loved horror movie can be an effort. extremely risky. Since horror movies rely so much on shocking the audience, it can be extremely difficult to fool an audience twice with the same monster.

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However, some movies have accomplished this difficult feat, allowing existing stories to evolve or simply updating older horror movies to fit a modern context. Although not all of these sequels are as good as their predecessors, they are worth watching for true horror fans.

10 Zombieland 2

Main cast of Zombieland 2 Double Tap

With the genre dating back to the 1930s, the zombie movie’s approach was in need of a long-overdue overhaul, and Zombieland did exactly that in 2009. Feeling more like a zombie movie satire than an actual horror movie at times, Zombieland was able to achieve the feel of a classic zombie movie. Not only was it completed with gory and colorful characters, but it also achieved a level of wit and originality that the genre can often lack.

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Although it is not as popular as the original, Zombieland 2 You accomplish more of the same, while remaining self-aware in your own right. It doubles down on some of the silliest and most ridiculous concepts from the first movie and places the pure value of entertainment above all else.

9 Rec 2

Angela Vidal in Rec 2

Zombie movies can often be placed in their own genre of survival horror or often comedy horror (as in pranks or survival aspect comes first in the plot, so the horror aspect is secondary). Rec Y Rec 2, do the exact opposite of this, creating a movie that is truly terrifying on top of everything.

Both films in the series are based on the “found footage” style in which the movie is shot as if one of the characters involved is holding a camera the entire time. This results in a very close and personal film that puts the audience in the shoes of the unfortunate characters.

8 28 weeks later

Robert Carlyle in 28 weeks later

Creating a movie sequel that reinvented what a zombie movie was and reinvented what was possible in independent cinema. In comparison with 28 days later, the sequel feels a lot bigger, with a lot more characters than the original.

The movie adds quite a bit of star power, with Jeremey Renner, Rose Bryne, and Idris Elba teaming up to help fight the undead. The film continues the tradition started by the original opening, with a gruesome and terrifying sequence that audiences won’t soon forget.

7 Evil dead 2

Ash pointing the shotgun down to swallow this line in Evil Dead 2

When it comes to Sam Raimi’s cult classic, many fans consider the sequel to actually be better than the original movie. Mixing horror and comedy in a way that no one has ever done before, Evil dead 2 It is considered one of the great horror movies of all time for good reason.

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With enough fake blood to fill a pool Evil dead 2 is a gory movie that will disgust, terrify and delight horror fans. The audience will just have to make sure they don’t leave their mouths open when the eyeballs go flying.

6 Peninsula

The highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed Train to Busan It fell a bit below the mark for many moviegoers. However, in defense of the film’s sequel, the bar may have simply been set too high.

Relying more on CGI than practical effects, Peninsula feels much more like a gory-like zombie action thriller Fast and Furious movie as opposed to the horror story told in the original movie. Still, the movie deserves a lot of credit for the RC Car scene alone.

5 Land of death


From the brilliant mind of the zombie master himself, George Romero continued his “Of the Dead” franchise in 2005 with Land of death. Taking place in Pittsburgh, the movie has everything audiences want from a good zombie movie.

There are hordes of the undead, creative gadgets to kill zombies and lots of blood and guts. The movie also features zombies that can communicate with each other, allowing them to be even more deadly while coordinating attacks against the remaining survivors.

4 Day of the Dead

Another George Romero zombie movie that is considered one of the best horror movies of all time is Day of the Dead, which sees a group of survivors trapped in a missile silo as they try to survive hordes of the undead. A colorful cast of characters makes this movie stand out from others in genres, as the human feud takes center stage.

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The film is a masterclass in tension and chaos while remaining true to its zombie premise. The movie is also responsible for one of the best lines in horror movie history: “I’m running this monkey show now, Frankenstein!”

3 Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead

A young man raises his hand when a group of zombie soldiers approaches.

There are few things that will surprise audiences these days, but one zombie driving a tank might be enough. It takes place immediately after the first movie, Dead snow 2 It could have surpassed the first movie in terms of sheer unpredictability.

Weaponized zombies, an army of zombies, and a protagonist with a runaway zombie arm work together to create the wildest ride audiences have ever seen in a zombie movie.

two Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Remaking one of the most well-received horror films in history seems like a daunting task, but Zack Snyder did exactly that with his feature film debut. To be fair, he enlisted the help of James Gunn and George Romero to make this happen, but regardless of the outcome it was a throwback to the zombie movies of yesteryear.

With a similar plot with a group of survivors using a shopping mall as protection against hordes of the undead, the film does a great job of capturing a feeling of hopelessness and hopelessness, with a daring escape that is completely undone in a few credits. brutal endings. sequence.

1 The return of the living dead

Arguably the first true zombie comedy movie, Return of the Walking Dead is the definition of a cult classic. With a whopping 91% in rotten tomatoes, the movie is still as fun to watch today as it was when it was released.

Featuring one of the coolest soundtracks in horror movie history, talking zombies that allow for some truly memorable catchphrases, and perhaps the best horror makeup ever. The return of the living dead it is an absolute delight.

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