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Since the show premiered, Easttown Mare captured everyone’s attention. The show takes place in a small town near Pennsylvania, where a horrible murder plagues the community. Detective Mare Sheehan, played by Kate Winslet, must find out who committed the horrific act while also dealing with a missing person case for a year and her personal life collapsing around her.

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The season finale of the drama series recently premiered and fans are still reeling from the shocking discovery of who was involved in the mystery surrounding the city. Fans are still in love with the dynamic story and desperate for more seasons of Easttown Mare. The characters and their captivating stories also connected with fans, but how likable are each of the characters on the show?

10 Dylan hinchey

Dylan Hinchey in Mare of Easttown

Dylan Hinchey was a suspect in Erin McMenamin’s murder from the beginning of the series, and his treatment of Erin prior to her murder only made him more suspicious. Hinchey is disrespectful to Erin, which is shocking because they share a child together. Dylan is also dating someone new who absolutely hates Erin and proves it by fishing Erin and beating her the night she is also killed.

Even though Dylan is a horrible co-father, he does have some brilliant moments towards the end of the series. After Dylan is nearly killed by Erin’s father, he seems to start to change. Dylan begins to show signs of growing up to be a better father to DJ, even after realizing that he may not be DJ’s biological father. Dylan also gives the money Erin saved as well as his own money to Lori after she adopts DJ. While this doesn’t completely redeem his character, it does seem like Dylan has a softer side to him after all.

9 Ryan ross

Ryan Ross in Mare of Easttown

Ryan Ross appeared to be a small character on the series until the final episode aired. He is the son of John and Lori Ross and showed in some episodes how much his father’s infidelities affected him. Ryan also showed his loyalty to his family by beating up a bully who was tormenting his sister Moira.

Ryan Ross wasn’t a featured character until the series’ final episode, but his character had a few moments where he shone before it was revealed that he was Erin’s killer. Even though he murdered Erin, it’s clear to fans to see how an accident like that can happen and how Ryan rationalized the situation to justify his actions. He is not the most beloved character in the series, but his moments of innocence still resonated with viewers.

8 John ross

John Ross in Mare of Easttown

John Ross was troublesome early in the series. It was revealed to fans early on that he had been unfaithful to Lori Ross in the past and that he trusted his son to help him keep his wife’s secret. John was also having an affair with his relative Erin McMenamin, which resulted in the birth of DJ and the murder of Erin. It soon becomes clear to viewers that John is selfish and compulsive.

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Although John was a very obnoxious character, he had some moments where his character shone through. Once it is revealed to viewers that he was not Erin’s killer and that he was trying to save her son from going to prison, viewers realized that John had some good father qualities. It’s also clear that John cares about his son DJ or he wouldn’t have asked Lori to adopt him.

7 Carrie Layden

Mare and Carrie Layden in Mare of Easttown

Carrie Layden is a troublesome character. Fans aren’t really sure if they should support her or look down on her for her past actions. Carrie is working hard to stay sober and be a good mother to Drew, who has been caring for Mare and Frank since he is in rehab. However, Carrie is spiteful towards Mare and the fact that she has taken on the role of caretaker for her son.

Despite the fact that her past self caused emotional damage to Mare and her family, Carrie is a character who won the sympathy of viewers. She lost the love of her life, Mare’s son Kevin, and wants to be a mother. It’s clear that Carrie is trying to rally herself so she can be her son’s caregiver, but her broken relationship with Mare also prevents her from being completely nice.

6 Lori ross

Lori Ross tells Mare to get out of her car at Mare of Easttown

Lori Ross is an extremely complex character. She was a dedicated mother and wife and truly proved throughout the series that she would do anything for her family. She showed her loyalty by forgiving her husband after their affair and truly trying to keep her family together. Lori also proved that she was a great friend to Mare and tried to help her solve the case.

Lori’s inability to deal with her family’s secrets becomes her downfall. In trying to keep his family together, he maintained his knowledge of the murder and the true identity of DJ de Mare’s bio-father. It’s clear that Lori was trying to be a good mother, and it’s easy for fans to feel sympathy for Lori.

5 Detective Mare Sheehan

Mare comforts Lori in the Mare of Easttown season 1 finale

Mare Sheehan is one of the most complex characters on the show. She was the main character, but she had so many qualities that made her distasteful to fans. Mare has had a difficult life and the loss of her son only made her more closed to anyone who wanted to get close to her. Mare is also dealing with a kidnapping case that has taken him a year to solve and the murder of Erin McMenamin.

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Despite Mare’s difficult past and the stress of her multiple cases, she cares deeply for her family. She also took on a motherly role for her grandson after his father died and his mother went to rehab for her drug addiction. Viewers also see Mare face demons from her past that effectively help her become a better person.

4 Frank sheehan

Mare laughing with Frank Faye and Helen in the Mare of Easttown season 1 finale

Frank Sheehan is a minor character on the show, but it’s clear that Frank has a balanced head. Frank seems to play the voice of reason on the show and constantly brings everyone back to focus. He has a close relationship with Mare, despite their divorce and even shares parenting and grandparent responsibilities with her.

Even after Mare accused Frank of being the father of Erin’s baby, Frank remained close to the family and supported Mare. Frank also helped Siobhan feel more comfortable going off to college. Frank showed his sympathy by being one of the most level-headed characters on the show.

3 Detective Colin Zabel

Colin Zabel looks at Mare in Mare of Easttown episode 2

When Colin Zabel was introduced, fans fell in love with him immediately. He was kind to Mare despite her being distant with him. He joined Mare in solving the case without judgment at all. Even after Mare didn’t reciprocate his feelings for her, he still goes out of his way to help with the case.

After Colin Zabel’s shocking death, fans were completely heartbroken. Even though he was only on the show for a short time, Colin Zabel proved that he was a likeable character and that he was another character who stayed level-headed throughout the course of the show.

two Helen Fahey

Helen talks to Mare in the kitchen in episode 2 of Mare of Easttown

Helen Fahey was another character that fans instantly liked. She was frank, funny, and loving with her family members. She may not have been the best mother to Mare, but she reconciled him by going above and beyond to help her daughter succeed.

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Helen was a minor character on the show, but her character shone through. She was a great grandmother and mother and offered a sincere apology to Mare at the end of the series for her past behavior.

1 Siobhan Sheehan

Easttown Siobhan Mare

Siobhan is by far one of the least problematic characters on the show. She was stubborn and sure of what she wanted. Siobhan also tried to help Erin when she was beaten the night she was killed.

Siobhan had to deal with the loss of her brother and a sometimes tough mother, but she got over her past and became one of the most likable characters on the show.

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