Edgar Wright is one of the most exciting and visually ambitious filmmakers of this generation and Scott Pilgrim vs. The world it is one of his most attractive and richest films. Scott Pilgrim vs. The world it tells a story about romance and growth, but presents the ordinary story in a way that is the opposite. Scott pilgrim is a classic example of film that was not appreciated at its release but it has comfortably become a cult classic a decade later.

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It’s also a movie that’s way ahead of the curve when it comes to comic book adaptations. Scott Pilgrim vs. The world It’s one of the most loving comic book movies, but it’s also a passionate love letter to video games that makes it a unique hybrid.

10 Comic book movie – literally adapted from a graphic novel

Context is everything and obviously video games are incredibly important to both Scott Pilgrim’s character and series author Brian Lee O’Malley, but Edgar Wright’s movie evokes a comic book feel because it’s literally an adaptation of a comic.

This may seem like a benign detail, but it plays a role here and makes a difference in how Wright adapts O’Malley’s source material. Yes Scott pilgrim had started out as a video game, so Wright would definitely have used a slightly different approach.

9 Video game film: its structure resembles that of a video game

Scott with his sword of love

There is a lot of video game iconography that he consumes Scott pilgrim, but it’s hard to deny its influence on video games when the entire structure of the film is based on the plot of the video game. Scott has to defeat seven ex bad guys as if they were the bosses of a video game.

Scott literally racks up points and gains an extra 1-Up life that he can use to resurrect and replay the experience, only to be victorious this time. Scott is better the second time around, as are the players when they pass a level the second time.

8 Comic book movie: follow the comic book style exposure

There is a certain language in comics that becomes second nature to those who regularly enjoy the medium. There is a very particular way in which comics present characters and dispense exposure, which seems natural in the medium, but is awkward in a mainstream movie.

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However, Scott pilgrim absolutely follow these comic staples. BIOS in the form of a panel they adorn characters and the film takes tricks from O’Malley’s graphic novel. Similarly, there is a certain way that video games give exposure that the movie could have adopted, but does not.

7 Video Game Movie: The movie is full of video game references

Movies Scott Pilgrim Sex Bob-Omb Performance

Video games fill up Scott Pilgrim vs. The world on each shift. There are obvious references to video games, such as Young Neil’s list of games library or the use of The legend of Zelda music like a smart auditory trigger.

There’s even a chiptune version of the movie’s theme that wraps up the movie’s ending credits. Beyond these superficial references, there are also more subtle video game references, such as how the movie’s bands, such as Sex Bob-Omb and The Clash at Demonhead, are nods to Nintendo titles. There is a clear passion for it in the very DNA of the film.

6 Comic Book Movie – Has an animated comic book sequence

Movies Scott Pilgrim Evil Ex Comic Flashback

Edgar Wright likes to mix different styles that reflect his different influences as a filmmaker and Scott Pilgrim vs. The world He indulges in this compulsion in fun ways. The film is incredibly faithful to Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel, but offers an extensive tribute to the creator with a flashback scene that’s done in the style of O’Malley’s comic.

This comic-style backstory for Ramona is a fun change of pace, but alternatively, there is no animated sequence to look like a video game. Comics prevail here.

5 Video game film: video games are an integral part of the plot

Movies Scott Pilgrim Gets a 1-Up Life

It’s one thing for a movie to be about video games a lot, but Scott pilgrim he actually uses them as important plot points and triggers for character development because it’s the only language that regressive Scott understands.

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Scott’s performance in the Dance revolution-esque team game becomes a barometer of their relationships, often resorting to a Pac-man anecdote as an icebreaker, and his enemies even turn into money after defeat, which Scott can use. His emotional growth literally rewards him with a fiery sword that he uses to defeat the real threats in his life.

4 Comic Film – Editing and cinematography create a comic feel

Movies Scott Pilgrim Shocked Split Screen

All Edgar Wright films are visual masterpieces, but Scott Pilgrim vs. The world makes use of so many tricks that they are now the norm in superhero movies and comics. There is a style for Scott Pilgrim’s editing and cinematography that intentionally creates the feeling of looking at panels in a comic.

Wright places information about himself to reproduce comic archetypes and even Editing of the film is done to emphasize this sentiment.. There are references to video games, but stylistically it looks more like a comic.

3 Video Game Movie: Your Opening and Ending Reference Video Games

Movies Scott Pilgrim Scott Knives Continue Screen

Scott Pilgrim vs. The world it throws a lot at the audience, but right from the start, it bombards the audience with an overwhelming video game aesthetic. The film begins with an 8-bit version of the Universal logo, complete with a chiptune version of the iconic music.

This sets the tone perfectly, but the film also concludes with a poignant “Continue?” screen that completes a perfect video game metaphor. Even the end of the end credits includes a Street Fighter reference where an 8-bit Scott outperforms “The End”. The audience is left thinking about video games when the movie ends.

two Comic book movie: action sequences draw more from comics than video games

Movies Scott Pilgrim Patel Fight

After several decades of comic book movies, a certain visual style and language has now established itself. The same goes for video game movies, up to a point. Scott pilgrim He participates in a series of exaggerated fight sequences, many of which allude to video games, but his presentation style is immediately reminiscent of comics and superheroes.

It’s easy to see Scott pilgrim and seeing Wright as a natural candidate to direct a superhero movie and why he was briefly in charge of Ant Man. Scott pilgrim is a crash course on how to create unique and effective comic fight sequences.

1 Video game movie: It has become a video game

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World video game

Video game adaptations for movies are not uncommon, but they can often seem like empty cash winnings. Scott Pilgrim vs. The world it is a rare occasion in which the game demands a video game. The Scott pilgrim the video game is a retro side scrolling similar to something like Streets of rage.

It is a stylistic decision that is another confirmation of how much respect and passion there is towards the medium of video games. It works harder to satisfy requirements that are largely only important to the gaming audience and makes them the priority rather than just the movie fans.

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