WARNING: The following contains the major spoilers for Sweet Tooth season 1, which is now streaming on Netflix.

From Netflix Candy Tooth follows Gus, a naive 10-year-old deer boy, as he embarks on a post-apocalyptic American prairie to find his mother, Birdie, accompanied by a couple of unlikely companions. Over the course of the eight-episode first season, viewers get a better picture of this dystopian world, even as Gus discovers the truth about its origin, and it’s absolutely heartbreaking.

Based on the DC / Vertigo comic by Jeff Lemire, the fantasy series is set against the backdrop of twin events that occurred 10 years earlier: the outbreak of a deadly pandemic, commonly known as the Sick, and the inexplicable birth of hybrids. babies who are part human and part animal. They were followed by the collapse of civilization, known as “The Great Crumble”, and the hunting of hybrids by some humans, who considered them the cause of the virus. However, Gus (Christian Convery) is one of the lucky ones, raised by his father (Will Forte) in relative safety in their secluded home in the woods. That changes when, armed with few clues, the boy heads to Colorado in search of answers.

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Gus’s only friends are a lonely burly named Jepperd (Nonso Anozie de game of Thrones), who is trying to escape his own past, and Bear (Stefania LaVie Owen), a fierce teenage activist who believed hybrids were a miracle of nature.

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However, as the flashbacks reveal, Gus is not a miracle of nature but of Sciences. Gus’s father, Richard Fox, was a janitor at the Fort Smith science lab, where Birdie was a geneticist. After seeing Birdie in distress at the research facility, informed of her transfer, Richard meets her at a bar and the two immediately hit it off. Unfortunately, however, his accidental date with us is cut short and their burgeoning relationship takes a turn.

Alerted that the US military had come to Fort Smith to take over her job, Birdie must trust Richard to sneak into the facility. There he reveals the hybrid baby Gus (an acronym for “Genetic Unit Series 1”), which he created in a laboratory using a microbe discovered in Arctic ice. His research was meant to lead to the creation of vaccines, but, as Birdie explains to Richard, it also has a dark side: “That research, and what we’ve been doing, will kill millions of people.” (When asked in GreedyThe connection between the virus and Gus is present, Birdie’s friend and former colleague Judy confided: “I once heard her say that they were two sides of the same coin, but she didn’t tell me anything more than that.)

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As they are prepared to escape from Fort Smith, Birdie begs Richard to take Gus and keep him safe, so that he can return and retrieve or destroy his research, to keep it out of the wrong hands. Richard flees with the baby and heads to Yellowstone National Park to create a safe haven from humans who have started hunting hybrids. Richard assumes that Birdie died, which is apparently confirmed when Gus, Jeppard, and Bear arrive at his home in Essex County, Colorado, only to find Judy living there.

Amazed to see Gus alive and well, Judy admits that Birdie disappeared 10 years ago. Sadly, none of this is the origin Gus was looking for: Richard is not his biological father and Birdie is not the biological mother he had long dreamed of. After finding Birdie’s files and proof of her creation, Gus flees the house, now more unsure than ever about who he really is.

Sweet Tooth stars Christian Convery, Nonso Anozie, Adeel Akhtar, Aliza Vellani, Stefania LaVie Owen, Dania Ramirez, and Neil Sandilands, with Will Forte and James Brolin. Season 1 is now available on Netflix.

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