Having great attacks is one thing, but without great defensive power, it might not even matter. There is more than one creative way to defend, besides blocking, which can include turning your opponent’s own strength against you.

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The anime has a ton of characters who know how to use power or defensive abilities to the fullest, and for some, it is their secret weapon. These characters show that it is not always about the blows they deliver, but how many they are capable of receiving.

10 Dark, high defense complemented by masochism (KonoSuba)

Konosuba darkness

Darkness, a member of Kazuma’s adventure party, is a crusader with great strength and stamina, who sadly has no ability to strike anything with her sword. That ends up working in his favor due to his extreme sense of masochism.

Darkness’ is capable of resisting damage from physical and magical attacks, her armor is made of highly durable adamantite, and her strong spirit can even resist being fully possessed. However, none of that will stop you taking all those hits like a human shield and enjoying every minute of it, too.

9 Meliodas, master of Full Counter (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins

Captain of the Seven Deadly Sins and the Dragon Sin of Wrath, Meliodas is incredibly strong as any member of the Demon Race would be. While the captain of the Sins has plenty of offensive moves, his defensive skills are second to none, he didn’t even need anything more than a broken sword to defend against enemies early in the story.

Meliodas can create clones of himself to throw down enemies and regenerate from serious injuries, but his most famous defensive ability, and possibly his signature move, is “Full Counter”, which allows him to reflect any magical attack towards his user and the stronger it is. . attack is, the stronger the rebound becomes.

8 Kenshin, the murderer who will never kill again (Rurouni Kenshin)

Rurouni Kenshin

Himura Kenshin was known everywhere as the “Man Killer” for his great talent for taking down his enemies with ease, but after tragedy struck and he gained a deeper appreciation for life, Kenshin vowed never to kill again. more. Kenshin stays true to his vow, trying to reason with his enemies before taking up his sword, but he’s also not afraid to wield it to protect others.

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To keep his vote, Kenshin had to use his abilities to fight more defensively, making use of disarming and incapacitating enemies rather than killing them. The very nature of this fighting style that Kenshin adopted revolves around self-defense, in which the former Manslayer would come to excel.

7 Ghiaccio, The Cold Raw Power of White Album (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind)

JJBA White Album Booth Statistics Cropped

While most of the Stands of Jojo’s Strange adventure it can act separately from its user, including the more defensive ones, there are quite a few that work as an extension of the user. Ghiaccio is one such case, as not only does his Stand, White Album, give him the power to freeze anything, but it also surrounds him in super tough armor that bullets and even other Stands can’t pierce.

White Album also gives Ghiaccio a pair of skates, making him very mobile while on the ice. While White Album has a weak spot in the form of a vent at the back of the neck, hitting it is easier said than done given White Album’s cold offense and almost impregnable defense.

6 Chewing gum, never underestimate the fat (My Hero Academia)

Fatgum, my hero academia

At first glance, it appears that the BMI Hero Fat Gum would be too big and slow to do just about anything, but appearances are deceptive. Fat Gum’s “Fat Absorption” Quirk allows anything that touches their big body to sink into their fat, incapacitating them. This Quirk also makes Fat Gum very durable depending on how much fat is on your body.

In addition to allowing himself to be a human wall, Fat Gum can also take the kinetic energy from each hit he takes and trade all his defensive power (in other words, his fat) to make a great counter with everything he amassed.

5 Wobbuffet, Turn Defense into Offense (Pokémon)

Pokémon Wobbuffet

There are many Pokémon with high defense stats, but not many in the way of offense. For Wobbuffet, his defense may be all he has, but it is also his greatest strength. Wobbuffet is completely incapable of learning any offensive attacks, which means that he can only play defense by shielding himself from the status conditions with “Safeguard” and increasing his already solid special defense with “Amnesia”, but his secret weapon arrives when he is attacked. .

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Using the “Counter” move, Wobbuffet can block any physical attack, and using “Mirror Coat”, Wobbuffet can do the same, but with special attacks, sending them back for double damage. Wobbuffet is basically a punching bag that hits back.

4 Gamagōri, his Goku uniform makes him unstoppable and immovable (Kill la Kill)

Ira Gamagori, Kill La Kill

Ira Gamagōri is one of Kill la Kill’s Elite Four and a giant with an absurd level of strength for a normal human, and that’s before he actually dons his three-star Goku uniform. After activating “Shackle Regalia”, Gamagōri covers himself with super resistant Life Fiber bandages that basically turn him into a large cocoon that is immune to any physical attack that hits it, it also increases in strength and size the more damage it takes .

If he activates his second form, “Scourge Regalia”, Gamagōri’s uniform becomes an even stronger armor that makes him even stronger and more durable depending on how much damage the previous form has taken. Gamagōri’s Goku uniform makes him an unstoppable force and an immovable object.

3 Touma, Imagine Breaker can cancel anything (a certain magic index)

Touma Kamijou from A Certain Magical Index

Touma may not be the luckiest people, but he was definitely lucky to obtain the mysterious power of “Imagine Breaker” that resides in his right hand. With Imagine Breaker, Touma can negate any supernatural forces that come into contact with him, be it Esper powers, magic, and even divine powers.

While Imagine Breaker has no inherent offensive capabilities and its limits are limited to Touma’s hand, it protects him from just about everything, even giant enemies that are propelled by magic can be stopped upon making contact. Imagine Breaker forces Touma to fight smartly and defensively, with surprising results.

two Naofumi, they don’t call him “shield hero” for nothing (The Rise of the Shield Hero)

Naofumi defends Raphtalia, Shield Hero

While his other fellow Cardinal Heroes were blessed with a sword, spear, and bow, Naofumi saddled himself with the shield that is often looked down upon. Fortunately, being the Hero of the Shield had some advantages, and after having enough time to upgrade himself and his legendary weapon, Naofumi became a force to be reckoned with.

Despite his naturally low offensive capabilities, Naofumi’s shield grants his body great stamina and defense, making him immune to certain physical attacks. Naofumi can also transform his shield into various forms with his own special uses, some of which come from absorbed monster parts. Using his most powerful defensive abilities, Naofumi can tank a gigantic blast of energy capable of vaporizing a small town. They don’t call him “Shield Hero” for nothing.

1 Maple, defense so high that it breaks the game (BOFURI)

BOFURI maple

Maple is a kind and innocent person who, by sheer accident, became the warrior with shield and the terror of the VRMMO, NewWorld Online, by putting all her points in defense. Maple’s super high vitality makes her basically indestructible and untouchable, which she uses to her advantage to take out huge monsters and many other players without help.

Despite focusing all on defense, Maple has amassed an enormous arsenal of abilities, including “Loving Sacrifice”, which transmits her impossible levels of vitality to any ally of hers close to her. Thanks to her unconventional way of playing, Maple became one of NewWorld Online’s best players and one of the most notorious as she fumbles getting more and more powerful to break the game.

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