Each Disney animal companion is cute and fun, but which ones are the best? From Aladdin’s Abu to Moana’s Pua, these are the tallest.

Disney movies are known for their funny and lovable characters, both their human characters and their animal characters, especially in their iconic animated films from the 1990s and those that were released in recent years.

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Most animated Disney movies feature Disney princesses and have animal companions to help them along the way. From Jasmine and Rajah to Rapunzel and Pascal, there are a number of Disney’s great animal companions throughout the years.

10 Zazu

Zazu is a bit of a plague as a companion in The Lion King as young Nala and Simba are upset by his presence, but overall he is a loyal companion to them and Mufasa.

Although Zazu is a concerned man, he is generally right in his concerns and just wants to help keep everyone he loves safe and no one can blame him for that. He goes out of his way to protect everyone and that makes him a good animal companion.

9 Sebastian

Sebastian the Crab in Disney's The Little Mermaid

Sebastian the Crab is a great Disney companion for Ariel in The little Mermaid and is very similar to Zazu as he is the assistant to King Triton and helps protect the underwater kingdom. Sebastian has a more laid back demeanor unless he has to act to help save someone.

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Sebastian is a loyal companion and sings some of the best songs in the film, including “Kiss the Girl” and “Under the Sea,” which make him even more iconic.

8 Rajah

Jasmine and Rajah from Aladdin

Both Rajah and Abu de Aladdin They make great animal companions for both Jasmine and Aladdin respectively, and anyone would be happy to have the tiger or the monkey by their side.

Rajah is Jasmine’s incredibly loyal best friend and also a bodyguard who always protects the Disney princess. Without a doubt, it would be nice to have a tiger as a best friend and have constant protection whenever danger appears.

7 Sven

Frozen Disney Theory Sven Kristoff

Sven is a faithful reindeer and Kristoff’s best friend in Frozen. Kristoff and Sven have been friends since they were young and it’s clear that Kristoff is most comfortable when it’s just him and Sven.

Sven is a competent and intelligent partner who is always there for Kristoff and is quick to support Anna when they first meet her. Sven was there for Kristoff when no one else was and is a great friend to anyone he meets.

6 Abu

Abu is another adorable animal companion of Aladdin who is constantly next to Aladdin, be it a poor man or a prince. Abu is always there for Aladdin through thick and thin and is willing to help out.

Aladdin shows more of Abu than Rajah, which makes Abu a bit more accessible as a character to the audience and while Abu has some negative traits like being a bit selfish and greedy at times, at his core Abu is a generous partner and loyal.

5 Pegasus

Pegasus has been Hercules’ animal companion since his father Zeus created the winged horse to be his companion when he was born. Pegasus follows Hercules closely and is always there to help Hercules, whether he needs to get somewhere quickly or back up in battle or just a friend to talk to.

Pegasus is a powerful creature, but he is adorably quirky and friendly to just about everyone, unless they pose a threat to his best friend Hercules.

4 Pua and HeiHei

sea ​​chicken flower

It’s hard to pick the best animal side kick for Moana, as Pua is one of Disney’s most adorable animated animals, but HeiHei is the one who ends up joining Moana on her journey and they are both fun companions in the movie.

Pua seems to be the most useful companion, but she stays on the island when Moana leaves, and discovers that HeiHei has sneaked into her boat. HeiHei is almost more of a problem than he’s worth as the chicken constantly falls overboard, but in the end he’s a fun companion and presence on Moana’s journey.

3 Stitch

Lilo and Stitch dancing hula at the farmers market

Stitch is a complicated character and has a hard time adjusting to her new domestic life on earth, even after meeting her new best friend, Lilo. Stitch is a difficult partner at first, as he doesn’t understand how to be a friend, but Lilo remains by his side and supports him until he succeeds.

Once Stitch falls in love with Lilo and his older sister Nani, he becomes one of the most loyal sidekicks and would do anything for them. Stitch is a fun and chaotic presence and a great companion to Lilo.

two Pascal

Pascal sat on Rapunzel's shoulder in Tangled

From Disney Tangled up retells the fairy tale story of Rapunzel trapped in her tower with her incredibly long hair and features a chameleon named Pascal as her animal companion.

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Although Pascal does not speak, he has a lot of personality only in his facial features, when he chooses to wear his camouflage and how he is always on Rapunzel’s shoulder, whether he needs emotional support or help in defeating an enemy. Almost everyone would love a little Pascal on their shoulder.

1 Mushu

From Disney Mulan is iconic, and Mushu is arguably the most popular and lovable Disney movie companion. Mushu helps Mulan when she joins the Chinese army in her father’s place, and although he is not the most reliable or gentle companion, Mulan certainly appreciates his help.

Mushu is as lovable as any other Disney animal companion and goes out of his way to help keep Mulan’s secret and keep her alive during training and when fighting the Hun armies. Mushu is also a fun companion who has nothing but love and support for Mulan.

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