After humanity left Pandora empty-handed in the original Avatar movie, could humanity on Earth have become extinct in the sequel?

The Na’vi seem to thrive on Avatar 2But the human population of Earth might not be so lucky. In James Cameron’s original Avatar In the movie, the cowardly RDA corporation makes the long journey from Earth to Pandora, and regardless of what the expedition’s contingent of scientists thinks, the mission’s goal is not to befriend the locals. The RDA invades Pandora for one reason only: unobtanium. As the name suggests, this substance is not only incredibly rare, it is also immensely valuable as an efficient energy source. Unobtanium is seen as Earth’s hope for the future in terms of energy and fuel, but as we know, RDAs are ripped off the surface of Pandora empty-handed.

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Avatar 2It will, I would guess, reveal what happened on Earth after Pandora’s unobtanium was not obtained, but how bad could humanity’s future be? Thanks to feedback from the cast and crew, it is known that roughly a decade has passed in history between Avatar Y Avatar 2, with Jake and Neytiri now proud parents of three young children. While the action will focus on Pandora and nearby locations, the next Avatar the sequels will continue to have a human presence, including several returnees from the original film such as Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) and Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang). So did Earth build some additional solar panels after its disappointment with Pandora, or could humanity really find itself on the brink of extinction in Avatar 2?

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Thanks to Avatar: A Survival Guide for Activists In this book, we know that the RDA was responsible for wiping out alternative energy sources on Earth, pinning all the planet’s hopes on unobtanium. This means that Earth does not have a “plan B” once the expedition returns without the necessary loot. Additionally, traveling from Earth to Pandora takes almost 6 years, giving humanity even less time to plan for the lack of unobtanium. AvatarThe Earth would continue to destroy itself by relentlessly plowing fossil fuels, compounding the problems of pollution, poverty, and war that Jake left behind when he decided to settle in the lush green of Pandora in the year 2154.

The ten years between films are not enough for the entire population of the Earth to die naturally, one of the biggest problems on the planet during AvatarThe age is one of overcrowding after all, but the energy crisis and Unobtanium’s failed mission could unleash more conflicts, potentially nuclear in nature, which will greatly accelerate the extinction process. When Avatar 2 As it begins, Earth could be little more than a post-apocalyptic wasteland, where the remaining superpowers battle for the last drops of energy they can extract from the planet. Certainly this would fit in with the environmental message that James Cameron slapped right in front of the original. Avatar.

The disappearance of planet Earth could become a key story in the next Avatar aftermath. Given the species’ strange habit of survival in science fiction, some humans would inevitably evacuate and make their way to mapped alien worlds like Pandora. The arrival of human refugees on the Na’vi moon would completely change the dynamic between man and the Na’vi. First Avatar was widely accused of recycling the tired tropes of the white savior plot, where earthly heroes ride to the aid of primal natives, but the Na’vi choose to aid human refugees after the destruction of Earth in Avatar 2 would represent the exact opposite. In fact, it may be the influx of humans to Pandora that opens a new rift between the various Na’vi tribes. Jake and Neytiri’s Omaticaya clan are obviously willing to forgive, forget, and be merciful, while others want to abandon desperate humans after everything that happened the last time Earth came to town.

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