In the latest issue of DC Comics Suicide Squad, the mysterious Rex X reveals that Talon is faking his inability to communicate as Groot.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Suicide Squad # 4!

While it was believed that DC Suicide squad had his own version of Marvel Big – an ally who could only communicate by repeating a simple phrase – the last number reveals that everything is a deadly act. When Task Force X forcibly recruited William Cobb’s Talon from Arkham Asylum in its first issue, it seemed like he had gone a bit crazy, speaking just one word, which he had written all over his cell phone: “WHO?” While this was an interesting development for the character and at the same time it was a fun reference to his connection to the Court of Owls, Suicide Squad # 4 reveals that he is faking during Red X’s attack on the team.

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In previous editions of Suicide squad Talon has been the most secretive and enigmatic of the latest iteration of Task Force X, only uttering a word while others like Peacemaker and Conner Kent’s Superboy fight each other and resist Amanda Waller’s orders as much as they can. Nightwing’s great-grandfather, William Cobb, is one of the deadliest and most experienced members of the team, having been alive since 1901 and kept alive by the Court of Owls to serve as one of their master assassins. However, it seems that his new recruitment is not to his liking, and he seems to be playing a long con to try and escape the team.

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On Suicide Squad # 4 From writer Robbie Thompson and artist Eduardo Pansica, Amanda Waller believes she has the mysterious Red X in custody, but being captured was part of her master plan. Using an EMP attack, he frees himself along with all the inmates at Belle Reve Prison, noting that Waller is not in control as much as she believes. Furthermore, he systematically takes down each member of the Suicide Squad one by one. This includes Talon, and their resulting interaction causes Cobb to say much more than just, “WHO?”

Suicide Squad 4 Truth Claw

Somehow Red X knows that Talon has been faking it the entire time, presumably trying to appear less valuable to Waller as an asset and intentionally being underrated. Talon demands to know Red X’s secret identity, and Red X identifies himself as a friend, perhaps hinting at a team in the future. While Red X’s identity is still unknown, Waller defined him as a Batman-level intellect at the beginning of this issue. Given his knowledge of Talon’s true nature, is it possible that he is connected to Gotham City in some way?

Regardless, it turns out that Talon isn’t so much Marvel’s version of Suicide Squad. Big as readers were initially led to believe, and instead he is acting to hide just how deadly and dangerous he really can be. With Task Force X completely humiliated and demoralized thanks to Red X before escaping from Belle Reve, perhaps Talon will make stronger plays as DC. Suicide squad keep going.

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