Novel and comic book fans can be hard to please. Many of them want television adaptations of their favorite stories to be as close to the source material as possible, but casting doesn’t work that way.

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The usual way to proceed is to find an actor who best embodies the spirit of the character, not one who looks exactly like the hero described in the books. So, it often happens that TV shows significantly change the appearance of heroes. Sometimes this can lead to creating a new take of the character that is different from the established one, and this can be refreshing and controversial.

10 The flash

Barry Allen looks different on the show than he does in the comics

Superhero shows often use actors who look very different from their comic book counterparts. The flash is a good example of this phenomenon, typified by Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen. In the comics, Barry is a muscular blond. Gustin, on the other hand, is slimmer and his hair is brown. At least Barry from the show and the Barry comic share the same eye color.

The show also changed the ethnicity of Iris West-Allen. Some of the viewers protested against it, but it didn’t affect the quality of the show, as Candice Patton gave a brilliant performance.

9 game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen Show Books

The now iconic show has changed the personality and look of the main and supporting characters in many ways. Daenerys Targaryen has violet eyes in the books, and most of her hair is burned after she walks through fire and “gives birth” to her dragons. Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys kept her hair long and her eyes appear to be blue.

A more visible difference is between Daario Naharis, who has blue hair in the books, but brown hair in the show. Tyrion was far from handsome in the books, as he had hardly any left of his nose and a scarred face. His eyes also had different colors, one was green and the other black. Finally, although only Sansa has red hair in the Stark family, in the books, it is also Bran and Robb who have red hair, and not brown like in the show.

8 The vampire diaries

The vampire diaries is another show that changed the character’s personality and appearance. For example, Elena was much less understanding in the books, as she acted like an arrogant princess at times. She had blonde hair and blue eyes on the books, but dark brown hair and brown eyes on the show.

Caroline, Elena’s close friend, also looks different. She is blonde on the show with blue eyes, but, in the books, Caroline had reddish hair and piercing green eyes. Finally, Bonnie on the show has dark hair, skin, and eyes, while in the books, she’s a petite redhead with pale skin and light brown eyes.

7 Arrow

Split image from the comic book Green Arrow and Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen

Barry Allen isn’t the only Arrowverse superhero who looks vastly different on the show than he does in the comics. Not only that, the Oliver Queen comic also has a significantly different personality; he is much more cheerful and relaxed, unlike his television character.

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Oliver has blue eyes, blonde hair, and a beard in the comics. Stephen Amell has brown hair and does not have a beard similar to the one in the Oliver comic.

6 Batwoman

Kate Kane looks different in the comics and on the show

The Arrowverse shows excel at changing the appearance of the characters. Even though Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane wears a long red wig like Batwoman on the show, her hair is short and brown. Kate also has light green eyes on the show.

In the comics, Kate doesn’t just wear a red wig; she really has red hair. Even though it is quite short and with a bob cut, it is still longer than Ruby Rose’s hair. As for the color of his eyes, he also has green eyes, but even more penetrating.

5 Reckless

Netflix's Daredevil Poster As Marvel Comic Art Is Awesome

It’s not just DC’s superhero shows that are “guilty” of changing the appearance of the main characters, as the first Netflix MCU show did the exact same thing. In the comics, Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, has red hair and blue eyes, but Charlie Cox, who played Daredevil, has brown hair and dark brown eyes.

In fairness, the show’s creators considered making Cox’s hair red, but apparently it looked too weird. Of course, the difference in appearance does not affect its performance in the least.

4 A witch discovery

A Discovery of Witches changed the appearance of the characters

The fantasy romance show changed the appearance of its characters on more than one occasion. For example, the young vampire Marcus Whitmore has blonde hair and blue eyes in the books, but, on the show, both his hair and eyes are brown. Miriam Shepherd kept her dark skin and brown eyes, but, in the books, her hair was much lighter and contrasted with her skin while on the show, her hair is also dark.

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A bit similar to Michael, Satu also has blue eyes and blonde hair in the books, but brown eyes and hair in the show. Also, Diana’s fellow witch, Gillian Chamberlain, has shiny black hair in the books, but she is a redhead in the show.

3 Lucifer

Lucifer looks different in the comics and on the show.

Although Lucifer had a small cameo in the Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, your show otherwise stands separately, and some viewers may therefore not even notice Lucifer it is part of the Arrowverse. It’s certainly not a superhero show, but, like the other series, it changed the appearance of the main character. In the comics, Lucifer has blonde hair and green eyes.

Tom Ellis, on the other hand, has dark hair and brown eyes. The show even makes a reference to the change, as a character asks Lucifer if he shouldn’t be blonde, and Lucifer says he gets the question often.

two Preacher

Tulip O'Hare looks different in the comics and on the show

Preacher has some of the most unique characters on comic book-inspired shows. While main hero Jesse Custer looks a lot like the comics, although his hair is too short on the show, the one who looks significantly different is Tulip O’Hare, Jesse’s friend and, for most of the time, his ex. girlfriend. Tulip has the longest blonde hair in the comics, but she sports a shorter dark curly hairstyle on the show, and her skin is darker as well.

1 The Wizard

Triss Merigold looks different in the books and on the show

The Wizard it’s pretty close when it comes to portraying the main characters. However, the appearance of some minor characters changed. Dandelion, Geralt’s best friend, is blonde in the books, but he has brown hair in the show.

The sorceress Triss Merigold has reddish hair and blue eyes in the books, but her counterpart on the show has dark hair and brown eyes. Finally, King Foltest is supposed to be younger and more handsome than he is depicted on the show.

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