The recent bug of the invisible weapon present in Modern Warfare prevents players from enjoying the game while playing together in split-screen mode.

According to several recent reports from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players, the split screen mode is interrupted in the game as equipped weapons appear invisible due to a strange bug. Invisibility bugs of all kinds have become quite a popular problem as of late. Obligations games.

In December 2020, Raven Software was forced to completely remove attack helicopters from War zone as they were responsible for an invisibility glitch that broke the game. Following a simple tactic of crashing a flying machine to the ground while firing the weapon resulted in rendering the player character completely invisible. Due to the insane functionality of the bug, it was basically a hack that didn’t require any external applications to run. It took Raven a little while to figure out what was causing the problem before the helicopters were reintroduced into War zone.

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Apparently, Modern warThe splitscreen mode is broken, with no weapons appearing for players, as reported by ArsonistAlpaca on Reddit. The player confirmed the invisibility flaw with a screenshot, vividly demonstrating the complete absence of weapons even though they were equipped and displayed on the HUD. Judging from various comments on the Reddit thread, there are many more players who occasionally experience the same issue. For some, weapons from the default charges look good, while only custom weapons appear invisible. Currently, there is no workaround for split screen to work properly. Players are openly blaming the developers, suggesting that little to no effort was made to design the cooperative couch mode.

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However, another invisibility issue was discovered in Black Ops Cold War in March, when a player reported the absence of operator Samantha Maxis from scenes and live play. The character was new to the game, added with a special pack. Unfortunately, those who bought the pack were unable to see their new model in-game, particularly in Zombies mode. Fortunately, normal multiplayer was unaffected by this issue, but she had a different issue. In MP, Maxis would occasionally appear as Adler.

The recent failure of the invisible weapon present in Modern war is proof that big franchises like Obligations They are not as interested in local multiplayer as they used to be. While couch co-op is available in the game, it runs with an eerily low level of effort. Although splitscreen was once an almost mandatory part of multiplayer video games, the overwhelming prominence of the internet connection has negated the value of the mode. That’s no excuse to leave it broken Modern warHowever, and hopefully developers will realize this sooner rather than later.

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Fountain: Arsonist Alpaca / Reddit

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