In Heroes Reborn: American Knights, Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, presents evidence to Luke Cage that the remade world of Mephisto is falling apart.

WARNING: The following contains the main spoilers for Heroes Reborn: American Knights # 1 from Paul Grist, Chris Allen, Marc Deering, Guru-eFX and VC’s Cory Petit, on sale now.

Heroes reborn He has seen every corner of the Marvel Universe reshaped by the erasure of the Avengers from his timeline. While many iconic villains still exist to haunt Earth’s mightiest heroes, the Supreme Squad are now the ones wearing the mantle of the world’s protectors. Things may appear better on the surface with these changes, but like the entity that orchestrates this reality, they are far worse than they appear on closer inspection. As Matt Murdock and Luke Cage have just found out, you don’t even need to do much research before the cracks in Mephisto’s grand plan become apparent.

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Metro Police Department detectives Misty Knight and Jessica Jones have been working to uncover who is behind the mask of Santo, Washington DC’s new deadly vigilante. Along with Commissioner Luke Cage, detectives have traced the bodies to the House of Mephisto, the largest religious organization in this reality. The local branch is the home of clergyman Matthew Murdock, a devoted man who is close to the Saint’s last surviving victim, Lonnie Lincoln, also known as Tombstone. A follower of Mephisto himself, Tombstone is even visited by Matthew in the hospital, although the visit is not friendly.

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As soon as Jessica and Misty see the body, they know that Murdock is their man, and it doesn’t take long for Luke Cage to catch up with him. At the House of Mephisto, Murdock attacks Cage, but the fight ends as soon as Luke refers to him as Saint. Matthew tells him that the “S” on his suit stands for Snake, the form Mephisto is said to have taken when he visited the world. The battle leads to a discussion about why Matthew has gone on his violent crusade, and it all depends on his faith, or rather the questions he has about it. As Mateo explains, he sees the same cruel people who come to him for forgiveness just before he goes out into the world to do more evil. Not only that, but the prospect that they are all reflections of Mephisto leaves Matthew wondering whether or not their creator is as benevolent as they have been led to believe.

While people like Norman Osborn have come to find the world of Heroes reborn To be your new favorite reality, the changes in this new world have caused much more pain for those less prone to wrongdoing. Deadpool and Scarlet Witch may have become maniacs, but even they acknowledge that things are not as they should be. In the case of Matt Murdock, the designer of this horrible reality might have tried to turn him into a villain, but at his core, Matthew is still Daredevil, a true hero. The seams that hold Mephisto’s vision of the Marvel Universe together are already beginning to unravel, a fact that more and more people are beginning to realize.

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When it comes to those Mephisto can’t completely corrupt, like Matt Murdock, they might as well be the ones to explain his eventual downfall. While the Supreme Squad will certainly be willing to fight for their new home when the time comes, the remaining Avengers are already in the shadows, making moves to fix things in the world.

The prospect of other heroes or even villains realizing that something is wrong with the world could be precisely what the Avengers need to help restore the world. With everyone recruited to his side of the fight, his odds of winning his imminent fight against the ruthless protectors of this new world improve little by little.

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