Isabelle from Animal Crossing New Horizons references Nurse Joy in her explanation of why each island has its own Isabelle doing the same job.

The Animal crossing The series has fostered multiplayer play since its days on the Nintendo GameCube, allowing players to visit each other’s cities or islands to socialize, trade, take advantage of the market, and visit each other’s museums. In the last installment, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the player’s island administrators come in the form of Isabelle. There is an Isabelle on every island, but she never seems to remember meeting non-native players prior to her arrival. As it turns out, Animal crossing uses a similar line of logic to From Pokémon Nurse Joy and the reasoning provided for the many identical nurses who work at Pokémon Centers around the world.

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On PokemonPokémon Centers are located in the main cities and towns of each region (and occasionally reside in the wild). Each center has an identical Joy Nurse, and only the smallest details change in each center’s setup by region. While there are limited explanations for this phenomenon in the game, the Pokemon The anime offered a rather humorous explanation of the many Joys of the World – they are all part of the same family. When players in Animal crossing Asking about the Isabelle phenomenon, a similar answer will be provided, probably a coy reference to Nurse Joy.

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There are quite a few similarities to the situation of Isabelle and Nurse Joy in their respective series, with the former being an identical career choice for all members of the family. All the Isabelles exercise an administrative or secretary function in Animal crossing, helping players to upgrade and customize their islands. All (or most) of the Joys in the game occupy a medical position in all Pokémon Centers around the world. Pokemon world. From a design choice, it is from the need of an island manager in ACNH and a healer in PokemonBut it is entertaining to imagine a massive family occupying an entire job market.

Pokémon and Animal Crossing have large, identical families

Animal Crossing New Horizons Isabelle

For players demanding an explanation as to why Isabelle appears to be occupying all the islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, she is more than happy to help and reveals that every Isabelle in other cities or on other islands is her cousin. Nurse Joy uses a similar explanation, stating that other Nurse Joys are family relatives like cousins, sisters, and even mothers. The Pokemon The anime expands on this, going so far as to characterize different Alegrías who have passions beyond medicine, as one of the Alegrías trying to be a powerful Pokemon trainer. Isabelle and Joy’s cousins ​​occupy a unique role in their franchises, fulfilling the core mechanics of each beloved game to allow players to live out their adventures.

Despite the characters’ family relationships, it is never explained why each of the Isabelle and Joys is identical in every respect. Not only do they share the same name, but they also share the same look. Each of the Isabelles in Animal crossing islands or cities will have the same character model, right down to the flushed yellow cheeks and hairstyle. Similarly, in the Pokemon games and anime, Nurse Joys will sport identical outfits depending on the region they reside in. Fortunately, this is less disturbing and more endearing, as none ACNH Isabelle nor From Pokémon Nurse Joy has ever confirmed darker motivations. Instead, this phenomenon has made each character a staple of their respective franchises.

If Isabelle’s explanation in the Animal crossing series was an intentional reference to From Pokémon Nurse Joy is unknown, but given the many similarities between Nurse Joy and Isabelle, it is the most likely reasoning. Both beloved franchises are run on the backs of massive, identical families who appear to control a monopoly in their respective labor markets.

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