Shonen Jump’s latest smash hit, Kaiju No.8 combines shonen action with kaiju-powered mayhem. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Kaiju number 8 is one of Shonen jumpmost recent successes. With giant monsters and a young fighter who can become one of them, the horror-tinged approach to the series’ kaiju has made it an instant hit. Having started in 2020, now is the perfect time for those who haven’t read it to finally jump on board.

Available for free and praised by critics, Kaiju No. 8 It is a rare gift for fans of both kaiju and manga. Here’s what readers should know Kaiju No. 8 and where they can read it.

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The story of Kaiju No. 8

kaiju no 8

In the series, kaiju, massive prehistoric monsters, regularly attack Japan, with the Japanese Defense Force being the only thing preventing them from totally destroying the country. The kaiju changes the lives of two childhood friends and inspires them to try to fight them as adults.

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While one of them, Mina Ashino, becomes part of the Japanese Defense Force, the other, Kafka Hibino, does not make the cut; instead, settle for a career in cleaning up kaiju corpses. But his life changes forever when a little kaiju flies into his mouth. This mutates him and gives him the power to transform himself. Although he remains essentially himself in this form, this does not save him from becoming a target of the Japanese Defense Force.

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Kaiju. Main characters of No. 8

The main character is Kafka Hibino, who later becomes the eponymous Kaiju No. 8. Kafka’s JDF dreams were crushed to the point where he decided to settle for a monstrous cleaning, but finally finds the determination to try the exams once. more before him. he grows old, when a kaiju attack forces him to act. Unfortunately, his plans are lost when, in the hospital, a small kaiju flies into his mouth, making him one of the main targets of the JDF. Kafka’s name is a tribute to Franz Kafka and his book Metamorphosis.

Kafka’s friend Mina Ashiro passed her exams and rose to the rank of Captain in the Japanese Defense Forces. Fittingly, he is a much more serious character. She is a skilled marksman who is determined to keep her promise to kill all kaiju, no matter what. Despite her badass exterior, she has high hopes that Kafka will eventually join her in the JDF. Other characters include Kikoru Shinomiya, the Defense Forces rookie whose natural kaiju-hunting talents surpass all, and Leno Ichikawa, a young intern at Kafka’s cleaning company who comes to admire him and keep his transformation a secret.

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Where can you read Kaiju No. 8

Kaiju No. 8 is created by Naoya Matsumoto, and as of July last year, it was posted online through Shueisha’s Shonen Jump + website and through your app. It is also available on the Manga Plus website and app, which is also available through Shueisha. Currently with fewer than 30 chapters, the series has published two volumes in print thus far.

The series, along with another recent manga, Spy X Family, they are both doing well in the app and mark new points in the continued evolution of shonen manga. The trend of horror elements in popular manga also continues, as seen with series like Murderer of demons Y Jujutsu Kaisen. Interested readers can download Shonen Jump + today to sink your tooth in Kaiju No. 8.

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