There are many animated TV series that make a big mark on pop culture, but King of the hill It quietly built a legacy over 13 seasons and over 200 episodes. King of the hill is less flashy and expansive than many of its animated companions, but the series’ well-defined sense of humor and down-to-earth look at subsets of society has helped the animation program for adults it becomes even more relevant now than when it originally aired.

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There is a certain patience and fascination for humanity that makes King of the hill a unique comedy piece that is also home to some incredibly adorable characters. The Hill family represents an important piece of television, and all the people that make up Arlen, Texas exhibit a certain undeniable charm.

10 The rough cotton exterior hides a warm and vulnerable heart

Cotton Hill is certainly an acquired taste and the person he has become leaves much to be desired. However, Cotton presents this appearance as a natural defense for himself after his drastic war wound. Cotton’s outdated views on gender and society often upset the feathers.

There are some moments when Cotton’s more vulnerable side is shown and they beautifully illustrate the scared and hurt person he tries to bury deep inside. Cotton may not know how to properly express his feelings, but he certainly does.

9 Joe Jack is a vital and discreet cog in Strickland Propane

Cartoon King of the Hill Joe Jack with Hank

Hank really loves his job at Strickland Propane. Hank’s boss, Buck, is one of King of the hill Most reprehensible individuals, but he manages to employ his business with some surprisingly competent individuals. Strickland Propane rotates through employees over the years, but Joe Jack remains an important piece of the company and a valuable confidant for Hank.

There are times when new customs can endanger the fragile ecosystem within Strickland Propane, but Joe Jack is always there to help. He even becomes one of the members of the Propaniacs comedy troupe with Hank and Bobby.

8 Few characters are better defined than Hank Rutherford Hill

King of the hill It is sometimes described as anticomedy because the humor of the series is derived from the details of the characters rather than the open banter. Hank’s patriotism and conservative values ​​control virtually every decision he makes, and he’s often boring to watch. continually disapproves of Bobby’s new hobby or allow your perspective to expand.

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Hank is stubborn in his own way, but he hasn’t moved on from change, and the moments when he allows himself to open up always resonate. He does not like to show emotion, but at the end of the day, he is always there for his family and friends.

7 Joseph Gribble is a precocious work in progress

Animation King of the Hill Joseph Uncomfortable with Lori

King of the hill embodies its adult and child characters, with Joseph Gribble as Bobby Hill’s best friend. Joseph and Bobby start the series in similar places, but Joseph suffers a burst of puberty That makes him a considerably more awkward character who feels even more like Dale.

Joseph’s awkward demeanor never goes away, but he becomes endearing in his own way. There are times when puberty and teenage drama overtake Joseph. He is a character who could benefit from a big hug.

6 Bill Dauterive is the punching bag of the universe with a heart of gold

Animation King of the Hill Bill Laoma Relationship

It’s easy to see Bill Dauterive as the saddest aspect of King of the hill due to the lonely and pathetic light in which he is often portrayed. There is overwhelming sadness surrounding Bill, but King of the hill he never lets the audience forget his accomplishments and the influence he’s had on Hank.

Invoices stories are often a colossal pity party, but the series loves to see him win, which gradually happens more along King of the hill to run. Bill can reach a level of peace with his life, which can be inspiring at times.

5 Connie is the passionate and motivated influence Bobby needs

Cartoon King of the Hill Connie with Bobby

Some of the strongest aspects of King of the hill revolve around two unlikely characters who can reach common ground and open their eyes to each other. The tender bond between Bobby and Connie is initially formed out of convenience when the Hills welcomes new neighbors.

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However, Connie becomes an important part of Bobby’s life and development as a person. Connie’s background and work ethic It couldn’t be more different from Bobby’s, but his positive traits rub off on Bobby and he also helps his family gain a greater understanding and appreciation of Texas culture. Its progressiveness says it all.

4 Dale Gribble is a paranoid conspiracy fanatic who’s hard not to love

There are many noisy personalities in King of the hill, but Dale Gribble is definitely one of Arlen’s residents who is the hardest to ignore. It is remarkable how many ravings of Dale’s conspiracy theory and alternative solutions to made-up problems that have turned out to be eerily prescient in some way.

Dale might be considered dangerous due to his passion for guns and unbridled paranoia, but he operates with a level of forgetfulness that connects him in an endearing way. He’s the best lovable idiot and a surprisingly good father.

3 Lucky opens a new level of cuteness to the series

Cartoon King of the Hill Lucky Proud

Characters that are added to a series at the end of the game may seem inauthentic or forced, but King of the hill Lucky Kleinschmidt’s gradual indoctrination fits the bill. Lucky becomes an increasingly important presence in the series and eventually marries Luanne and start a family with her.

Lucky’s entire lifestyle revolves around aversion to work, but he’s not a negligent person. He is an individual who just wants to make the most of life and his Zen way of existence leaves a mark on the entire Hill family for the better.

two Luanne’s innocence and positivity are a beacon of constant light

Cartoon King Of The Hill Luanne Manger Babies

One of the main plot points at the beginning of King of the hill is that the Hills need to make room for Luanne Platter, Peggy’s niece. There is an initial tension when Luanne’s free-spirited ways collide with Hank and the rest of the family, but it isn’t long until Luanne is an honorary member of the Hills.

Luanne is often taken advantage of and she does not always have the solution to problems, but she is a positive person who just wants to convey joy. Luanne sometimes struggles to find a purpose, but it usually involves her helping others and contributing to the community.

1 Bobby’s confidence and ability to love himself is an inspiration to all

Cartoon King Of The Hill Bobby Comedy

King of the hill likes to frequently state that “the boy is not right”, but Bobby Hill is possibly the best adapted and positive character in the series. Bobby often has to face his father’s judgment and criticism, but it never breaks his spirit or pushes him down a path he doesn’t believe in.

Bobby builds a healthy love for himself that allows him to continue his comedy and have a tough skin on other people’s opinions of him. Everyone can handle being a little more like Bobby Hill.

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