Every member of the Normandy crew is an essential asset, but Dr. Karin Chakwas has stood by Commander Shepard’s side through thick and thin.

Massive effect focuses heavily on Commander Shepard and his squadmates, but there are essential members of the Normandy’s crew that Shepard literally couldn’t live without. Human doctor Karin Chakwas was aboard SSV Normandy when Shepard took command from Admiral Anderson, and it was her medical expertise that kept the crew and squad patched up and ready for the fight against Saren Arterius.

Although interactions with her were rare, especially in the first game, when Dr. Chakwas teamed up with Cerberus to follow Commander Shepard, a relationship had developed between the doctor and the commander that had the potential to grow into a beautiful friendship. . In addition to seeing many of her shipmates die, including Shepard, when the Collectors destroyed the original Normandy, Dr. Chakwas joined Cerberus because, despite her questionable methods and reputation, she implicitly trusted Shepard to do the right thing. .

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Prior to working with Shepard, Dr. Chakwas had conducted numerous Alliance missions with Captain Anderson, whom he deeply respected for his good judgment. Her knowledge of alien biology made her a valuable asset when it came to tending to Liara’s exhaustion after she merged with Shepard to help understand the Prothean beacon in the first game. When Garrus received a missile to the face in Mass effect 2It was probably Dr. Chakwas’ experience that kept him alive.

When Shepard met the doctor in the second game, he assigned him a special task to get a bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy, which he then offered to share with the commander if they carried it out. As she shared the bottle, Shepard was able to get to know her a little better by remembering their time together. During his recall, Shepard might ask him why he actually left the Alliance to join Cerberus and whether or not he had any friends or family. This led her to admit that with Joker’s Vrolik Syndrome, he would always need her help, and the fact that he needed it gave him a sense of stability that his life lacked. She also noticed during this conversation that perhaps she was even attracted to Commander Shepard, just like everyone else, and they were the force around which everyone, including her, rallied.

This endearing conversation and his research and dedication to helping Shepard heal the scars from his reconstruction made Chakwas feel like more than just the ship’s medic. She had begun to feel like a friend, and when the Collectors hijacked the Normandy SR2’s crew, her absence was deeply felt. Upon rescuing her and the rest of the crew during the suicide mission, there was a deep sense of relief. Although Shepard had yet to learn her first name, what kind of place would the galaxy be without a woman like Dr. Chakwas practicing medicine?

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After defeating the Collectors, the Alliance had no idea what to do with Dr. Chakwas. He had never officially joined Cerberus, and had the proper license of duty during his time with Shepard. Still, because the commander was going to face trial as a war criminal, the Alliance kept her close in case Shepard was convicted and they wanted to try her as an accessory. Assigned to work in Alliance Research and Development with Admiral Hackett, she rushed to the Huerta Memorial upon discovering that one of Shepard’s crew members was injured on Mars after the Reapers attack.

When Shepard caught up with Dr. Chakwas speaking with Dr. Michel at Huerta Memorial, they were able to ask how he had fared and invite her to join the crew of the Normandy, which currently does not have a medic on board. She will thank Shepard and then she can be found in the medical bay aboard the ship. Once again, the two of them can share a bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy, reminisce, discuss their odds against the Reapers, and Shepard can finally find out that her first name is Karin before the two share a toast.

Later, when Shepard takes Mordin / Padok on board with the Krogan woman, Eve, she can be found in the dining room talking to Engineer Adams and comforting him, once again showing her delicate bedside treatment and her courage to the crew in general. To say that Commander Shepard could not have done half of what they had done without Dr. Chakwas may seem a bit shortsighted, but the care she gave everyone aboard the Normandy made her, without question, one of the ship’s most valuable assets around the world. the entire trilogy.

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