Bakugo is Midoriya’s childhood friend and one of the most popular supporting characters in My hero academia. Although he is a hero at heart, once he rejects the League of Villains offer to join them, he is still aware of how powerful his Quirk is, he is arrogant for that and his reasons for becoming a hero can be seen as wrong. .

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Rather than wanting to help people or save the world, Bakugo wants to become the number one hero to be seen as the outright victor, because being number one means being the best. He can act selfishly and is not friendly or pleasant. His hot-tempered temper and anger issues already make it difficult to befriend the series, and there are plenty of other anime characters who would feel the same way.

10 Kaname: his motives are always altruistic

pureblood vampire

Kaname is one of the love interests in vampire Knight, an immortal who has been alive for centuries. As a pureblood vampire, he is one of the most powerful characters in history. Kaname, who was willing to sacrifice his life to help humanity, would also disagree with Bakugo’s motives. While Kaname has a truly altruistic soul, Bakugo does not. It is also possible that Bakugo is jealous of Kaname’s power and tries to fight him to reach the top.

9 Yusuke: starts off as incredibly self-centered


Yusuke is the main character of Yuyu Hakusho and one of the most powerful in the show. He began the series as a delinquent, often skipping school, and when he attended, he would seek fights with the people around him. After Yusuke risks his life to save someone else, he begins the journey to become a better person.

Bakugo’s anger and his tendency to fight with people would probably put him on Yusuke’s bad side. The two of you are likely to end up in near-constant fights if you ever spend time together.

8 Touka: She couldn’t trust Bakugo


Touka from Terror in tokyo not easy to trust. She is so cautious of others, especially those who are not ghouls, that she believes in keeping her ghoul status a secret.

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Bakugo’s quick temper would probably put Touka on edge. She would hesitate to trust him, and because he is cheeky and not afraid to speak his mind, Touka’s calm nature would make her not want to open up to him.

7 Ryoma: his goals would be incompatible with Bakugo

Tennis player

Ryoma, the main character of The Prince of Tennis, has a lot in common with Bakugo. They are both goal-driven characters, and although Ryoma has a calm and thoughtful nature, he is often portrayed as arrogance to others.

The two would likely see each other as equally arrogant, both so obsessed with their own goals that they would have little room for a friendship. Ultimately, although their personalities may seem somewhat similar, they have almost nothing else in common.

6 Tamaki: I would disapprove of Bakugo’s cruel nature

Ouran High School Host Club

Tamaki Suoh is one of the main characters of Ouran High School Host Club. He is the illegitimate son of a powerful family. He is known for his dramatic personality and is easy to persuade. His personality seems to carefully hide his genius.

Because Bakugo would find Tamaki’s usual antics incredibly annoying, Tamaki would likely find himself constantly threatened by Bakugo. He would disapprove of Bakugo’s cruel nature and his refusal to listen to his advice, and he would want to make Bakugo a suitable knight.

5 Rock Lee: I would not agree with Bakugo’s attitude

Rock Lee is a character from Naruto. He is known for being energetic, optimistic, kind, and respectful to those around him. Although he was born without the ability to perform chakra-based jutsu, he managed to become a great ninja through harsh training.

While Bakugo would view Rock Lee as a weakling for his inability to control chakra despite his many other talents, Rock Lee would not like Bakugo’s lack of kindness and respect for others. The two of them would probably get on each other’s nerves.

4 Edward Elric: their similar personalities would put them at odds

Up close Edward Elric

Edward Elric, better known as Ed, is the main character of Fullmetal Alchemist. Ed is an incredibly brilliant self-taught alchemist. After he was unable to bring his mother back to life, his main goal was to retrieve his little brother’s body.

The similarities between Ed and Bakugo’s personalities would likely put them at odds. Ed can be just as stubborn and quick to get angry as Bakugo, so the two would constantly fight if they were together.

3 Eren: not a hero like Bakugo

Eren Yeager is the main character of Attack on Titan. After witnessing the murder of his mother, he vowed revenge on the Titans. Eren’s anger can make him reckless enough, but he always believes that the end justifies the means. Eventually, he becomes a villain.

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Despite Bakugo’s many flaws, and although some fans believe that he has displayed villainous qualities, he still wishes to become a hero. Eren may have wanted to be a hero at first, but he lost that desire over time. The two exist on opposite sides of the spectrum.

two Light – Believes in murdering anyone in his own way, guilty or not

Death Note Light Yagami

Light Yagami is the protagonist of Death Note. After finding a special notebook, he begins to use it to kill criminals around the world. His use of the Death Note effectively makes him a serial killer, a villain in his own right.

Bakugo and Light would hate each other’s methods. Even though Bakugo has been involved in cruelty in the past, he is not a murderer. As a hero-in-training, Bakugo would be more interested in using his Gift to help the police catch Light. As seen throughout Death Note, Light would gladly kill anyone who tried to bring him to justice.

1 Vegeta: I would see Bakugo as a weakling

cold vegetation

Selfish and proud, Vegeta is a former prince of the Saiyan race. After choosing to stay on Earth, he transforms from villain to hero, and his new goals are to protect his home and surpass Goku.

Vegeta, once a ruthless warrior, would view Bakugo as incredibly weak. Although Bakugo could learn a lot from him, Vegeta probably wouldn’t be willing to spend time with him. At the same time, Bakugo may not be interested in anything Vegeta has to say, believing that he is already good enough. In the end, neither of them would love the other very much.

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