Don Cheadle and Benicio Del Toro are back with director Steven Soderbergh in the new trailer for the HBO heist Max No Sudden Move movie.

Steven Soderbergh and Don Cheadle are back with another star-studded heist movie in the first trailer for No sudden movement. Soderbergh first made the heist movie his own in the 1998s. Out of sight, starring George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez. But of course, the director inextricably linked to the genre with the 2001 Caper remake. Ocean’s Eleven starring Clooney, Cheadle, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and many others.

Ocean’s Eleven proved to be a massive hit and was followed by a couple of sequels, 2004 the twelve of ocean and from 2007 Ocean thirteen (there was also an exclusively female spin-off, 2018 Ocean’s 8, not directed by Soderbergh). But Soderbergh would leave the heist genre behind after Ocean thirteen, just to go back to the 2017 form Logan lucky. Now Soderbergh is comfortably back in the genre he has identified with the most, as he is set to release his latest film for HBO Max, the period crime flick. No sudden movement.

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The first trailer for Soderbergh’s latest foray into the caper movie has just been released by Images from Warner Bros. And the cast is just as impressive as anyone you’ve put together for one of your heist movies. Ocean’s ElevenCheadle has returned to work with Soderbergh at the helm of that cast, and has been joined TrafficBenicio Del Toro, David Harbor, Amy Seimetz, Jon Hamm, Ray Liotta, Kieran Culkin, Noah Jupe, Brendan Fraser, Bill Duke, Frankie Shaw and Julia Fox with Damon also on board. The movie was written by Ed Solomon, who has his own history with caper movies having written Now you see Me and its sequel Now you see me 2. See the first trailer of No sudden movement in the space below:

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What is immediately obvious is that this is not your typical modern, sleek and stylish Soderbergh heist movie set in Las Vegas. Instead, the director delivers a period movie that looks like it could easily be from a season of the FX show. Fargo. A synopsis of the film reads:

Set in 1955 in Detroit, No Sudden Move focuses on a group of petty criminals who are hired to steal what they believe to be a simple document. When their plan goes horribly wrong, their search for who hired them, and for what ultimate purpose, leads them through every step of the race-ravaged and rapidly changing city.

That synopsis actually locates No sudden movement both in the realm of the socially conscious drama of Soderbergh’s Oscar winner Traffic as in the general realm of the heist movie. Soderbergh is, of course, a very unpredictable filmmaker when it comes to the material he chooses to tackle, not to mention the techniques he employs. In his first HBO movie Max, he threw another curve ball with laid-back comedy. Let everyone speak, which was filmed almost entirely on a cruise ship during a royal cruise. No sudden movement it actually looks more “traditional”, if there is such a thing as a “traditional” Soderbergh movie. However, there’s no question that the heist movie is the director’s favorite movie sandbox to play, and No sudden movement he sees it there, although this time in a set period. Given the film’s impressive cast and Soderbergh’s track record making crime movies, there are plenty of reasons for movie fans to be excited. No sudden movement when Max arrives on HBO after first debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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  • No sudden movement (2021)Release Date: Jul 01, 2021

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