WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Person 5 Royal.

While not Person 5 RoyalThe most significant addition, Showtime’s attacks are fantastic combo moves that involve two of the Phantom Thieves teaming up to unleash a powerful attack on a single opponent. These are unlocked throughout the main story and triggered randomly in battle.

Showtime Attacks are interesting ways to show Phantom Thieves working together in new ways. Each involves an elaborate and exaggerated scene in which the two teammates defeat an enemy, and both their English and Japanese names are inspired by well-known movies and TV shows. Since the story is told through the perspective of the protagonist, these are a good opportunity to see some of these characters interact without Joker. However, some of the pairs (and the attacks themselves) are more interesting than others.

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Max Moxie (Skull and Queen)

In both the Japanese version and the English translation, Ryuji and Makoto’s Showtime is a reference to Mad max. Set against a desert sunset, it features the two defeating their enemy with melee attacks as Makoto tells Ryuji to stay focused, ending with Ryuji handing him a soda can and Makoto smashing it as the enemy explodes behind. her. This is the second Showtime unlocked, and players will be able to use it starting June 22 after finding the route to Kaneshiro’s treasure.

While all the show times are quite interesting to watch, this one is simply less memorable compared to the rest. For one thing, Ryuji and Makoto don’t really interact one-on-one much, making the attack feel like something that was added simply to give each of them something else to do rather than symbolize their actual bond.

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Gun With the Wind (Mona and Panther)

Morgana and Ann’s Showtime is the first to be unlocked and the only one to be performed. On June 21, Morgana will share her idea of ​​a tag team attack with Ann, which will make the Wishing Star Joker received from José in Mementos shine. Then, while at Kaneshiro’s Palace, Morgana will demonstrate mechanics on an Orthus.

The attack itself involves Morgana presenting Ann with a bouquet and the two romantically leap towards each other with manga-style images of them in the background. Ann grabs two pistols from the flowers and begins firing at the enemy in style, with Morgana dropping a bomb before posing with her. The theatrical and ridiculous nature of the attack certainly fits the situation, but “Gun With the Wind” is based on one of the Person 5The weirdest relationship dynamic (Morgana’s obsession with Ann) to create a Showtime that is ultimately surpassed by others.

PTE ThwackDown (Queen and Noir)

Makoto and Haru’s Showtime is unlocked on October 30 after starting the mission to change Sae Nijima’s heart. The move involves the duo entering a wrestling ring, with Makoto running straight into the fight as Haru follows suit. Makoto smashes a chair on top of the enemy’s head as Haru cheers her on, literally breaking the fourth wall by breaking the camera lens. The two then run to opposite sides of the ring and dive into their enemy along with their “Double Killing Strike”. This Showtime has all the show one would expect from a WWE parody and is a pleasant (though not particularly profound) reference to the friendship between the two third-year Shujin who were strangers before becoming Phantom Thieves.

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The Kabuki Kid (Panther & Fox)

Ann and Yusuke’s Showtime is, unsurprisingly, a celebration of Japanese art and beauty. It begins with the two posing, then using their signature weapons (a whip for Ann and a sword for Yusuke) to cut through various boards before posing together again as the enemy is struck. While it’s not the most exciting Showtime, the two are not actually seen fighting the enemy and instead appear to be sending fragments their way, it does provide an interesting closure to Yusuke and Ann’s awkward and awkward first encounter.

Although both characters are available to play from the beginning, the conversation that unlocks their Showtime doesn’t happen until September 19, at which point Yusuke and Ann have been friends for several months. This time, instead of being a stranger asking a clearly awkward Ann to model for him, Yusuke shares his idea with Ann, and the two work together to create something that is beautiful and deadly.

Drive Hard (Mona and Noir)

Like Ryuji and Makoto, Morgana and Haru’s Showtime is unlocked after finding the route to Okumura’s treasure, which can take place on September 20 at the earliest. The pair is a reference to the duo’s time trying to change Okumura’s heart before Haru joined the Phantom Thieves.

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In “Drive Hard”, Haru and Morgana jump off a building, Morgana takes his bus form and Haru is on top of him as he fires his grenade launcher at the enemy. Haru jumps on the pavement in style as Mona drives towards the blast, but runs back to help when she realizes that Morgana has been injured. The scene does a great job of capturing Haru’s darker and sadistic side, as well as his kindness and grace. Furthermore, while Persona 5 Strikers follow the original Person 5 instead of Real, this scene is even funnier in hindsight, as the spinoff reveals that Haru is a terrible and reckless driver.

Dances With Thieves (Joker and Violet)

Perhaps appropriately for Person 5 RoyalThe protagonist’s new playable character, Showtime with Sumire, is the only one that’s easy to miss. Unlike the others, which are activated through normal gameplay, this attack requires players to max out Confident of Faith, half of which is not unlocked until the end of the game. It’s also possible for the player to lock himself out of the higher tiers if he doesn’t reach rank five by December 22. However, if these conditions are met, players will be able to unlock this final Showtime starting January 20.

“Dances With Thieves” begins with the two swinging through a church using Joker’s grappling hook as he fires at the enemy. Sumire then releases her and flies through the air, closing in on her late sister, Kasumi. The two dance together, slicing through the enemy with their rapiers until Joker returns, at which point Sumire takes his hand and dives down. This Showtime is a wonderful celebration of Sumire’s character arc and the protagonist’s role in helping her embrace her true self and honor (rather than imitate) Kasumi.

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Inglorious veal bowls (skull and fox)

Ryuji and Yusuke’s Showtime is unlocked on July 17 before the group attends the Meat Festival. In it, a hungry Ryuji walks into a restaurant called “Fox’s Beef Bowl.” Yusuke prepares a mesl for him, but before Ryuji can start eating, the two are interrupted by an enemy who opens the doors. Furious at the interruption, Ryuji and Yusuke draw their weapons and fire at the enemy. Ryuji also throws a grenade at them, which Yusuke shoots. As it explodes, the two high-fives, and Ryuji finally enjoys his meal while Yusuke gets artistic inspiration from his friend.

“Inglorious Beefbowls” may be one of the most outrageous schedules, but there is a lot going on in this scene that players may have missed. The scene itself is a reference to a conversation the two may have while touring Mementos. Yuusuke can say that although he has been told to keep a low profile to avoid arousing suspicion, no one at his school talks to him anyway. Feeling bad, Ryuji will ask if he wants to go out to eat meat dishes, something they are seen doing here. Like the schedules, the Mementos conversations are an interesting and subtle way the game develops character relationships regardless of the protagonist, so it’s great to see one get a callback here.

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Blade Runners (Joker and Raven)

The protagonist and Akechi have easily the most complicated relationship in the entire game, so it’s fitting that their Showtime is also memorable and unconventional. The “Bladed Runners” can be activated for the first time during a fight with Maruki’s Warped Abyss on January 2, but are not actually unlocked until they re-enter Maruki’s Palace on January 9. Unlike the others, which were planned in advance, Joker and Crow originally improvised. its Showtime. However, it is no less effective than the rest.

Set on top of a building in a dark city in the middle of a storm, “Bladed Runners” begins with Akechi going berserk and charging forward as Joker uses his grappling hook to follow him. Joker hits the enemy once before Akechi unleashes a slashing fury. Finally, Joker finishes them off with a single shot as Akechi walks away.

As well as indicating that the Joker and Akechi are in sync with each other to the point that they can accomplish on the spot what everyone else needed to plan, the billboards that appear behind them during Showtime are clever details and rich references. These say “Justice” (arcana of Akechi), “Murder of ravens” (the term for a group of ravens and an allusion to Akechi’s actions as Shido’s assassin), “Prodigal sons” (a reference to a biblical parable about forgiveness) and “Two sides of the same coin” (a reference to Joker and Akechi’s status as contrasts with each other). Outside of the all-new content, Akechi received some of the most significant changes for Person 5 Royal, which make his relationship with the protagonist even more powerful and full of symbolism. With that in mind, it’s no wonder Joker and Crow have the best Showtime attack in the game.

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