After thirteen seasons of Open House and Open House NYC, Sara Gore said in an exclusive interview that she sees the show grow in future seasons.

Sara Gore has hosted Open house since 2009 and Open House NYC since 2007, showing fans an intimate look at some of the most luxurious homes America has to offer. This show has become a staple in many viewers’ morning routines and has even attracted the attention of various celebrities. After more than a decade on the air, fans are curious to know what the show has planned in a post-pandemic world and what the future of the show will be. In an exclusive interview, Sara spoke about how the show was needed more than ever during the confinement.

She said the goal of the show was to provide some escapism and comfort food for television when the going got tough, especially with the harsh reality facing her fellow New Yorkers. The mother of three said the show quickly became a family effort to keep viewers entertained for the past year, with her husband filming all of its leads for Open house.

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Sara said one of the challenges was obviously COVID-19. “We were not allowed into anyone’s houses for a while.” cast “in terms of programming, it was a challenge. “She was especially grateful Open houses the whole team for keeping the show going, saying “We had to turn around and think about how we would do it from home, but we did.. “Sara has no plans to stop the show anytime soon, as she said it would happily continue for another decade, and is confident that they will continue to give people a glimpse inside luxury homes.

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Sara has loved seeing the growth of Open house and when asked about the future of the show, Sara said that she and her team are focused on “produce new content, make new shows, and bring people what they want, which is more of an open house. “Sara would also love to travel more around the US in future seasons, saying how.”did some amazing shows in New Orleans, in Charleston, in Puerto Rico. “He loves it”learn about different architectural designs in different areas that are key to a certain place“and he hopes to be able to travel when things are fully open again.

Sara also loves “all there is about New York and New York real estate and I just hope to continue the show and explore new homes. “He had the incredible experience of touring Liz Lemon’s apartment from 30 Rock on a special episode because Tina Fey is a huge fan of the show. Sara hopes that fans will be able to see other scenarios in future seasons after a great response from that episode. Fans should expect more extraordinary homes in New York and across the country in future seasons of Open house.

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