The battle for the title of best Ancient scrolls the game is still going strong, even after a full decade of Skyrim to be outside. While Bethesda seems to be completely convinced that Skyrim is the height of fantasy games, many fans are quick to argue in favor of an earlier installment in the series: Morrowind.

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Weather Skyrim ushered in a decade of open world gaming and set the stage for more impressive graphics, Morrowind still keeps pace with longtime fans. It is found as a classic of the genre while Skyrim He is still clinging to life and trying to play in the big leagues.

10 Skyrim has more beautiful graphics

Skyrim Classified Hunter

When Skyrim was released in 2011, it was an awesome game. Fast forward to high definition releases, the visual modding community, and the intense love Bethesda really gives you, and Skyrim it’s still a great game.

It will never be the absolute bombshell of some of the newer 4k games, but it still remains a visually appealing game. Morrowind It is not up to par with the times and is instead becoming almost ridiculous by today’s standards.

9 Morrowind is more ruthless with mistakes

Morrowind character with bear skin

Very few large-scale games allow the player to make such a mistake that completing the main story is actually forbidden. Morrowind makes the player pay attention to their little pop-ups and be careful who and what they kill. No one is safe.

If the player decides to go on a murderous rampage and kills an NPC he needs for a mission within fifty hours, well, he’s dead and won’t be coming back without console commands. It leaves the player with a greater sense of accomplishment knowing that they really succeeded at something when they finally reach the end.

8 Skyrim allows the player to access everything

Astrid from Skyrim

While it’s a bit awkward at times to be able to join absolutely every guild, Skyrim let the terminist inside do it. You don’t need to play a large number of different files to experience the entirety of the game.

The Dark Brotherhood listener may also be the Archmage of the College of Winterhold. There is the ability, albeit difficult to achieve, to complete the game 100% in a file, where that is simply not possible in Morrowind by design.

7 Morrowind does not assume that the player is a hero

Battle of Morrowind

No matter what the player does in Skyrim, eventually, the player will always be considered a hero. Unless modified, the game forces the player to take on the skills and abilities of the dragonborn, which, for a game that is so heavy in being an open world, is actually really limiting.

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Morrowind on the other hand, not once does he assume heroism. Actions taken can have consequences, and the NPCs will remember this. The character is never considered a hero unless he has actually worked for him.

6 Skyrim has more complicated dungeons

Skyrim dungeon

Dungeons, probably filled with draugr and other undead, can range from a small cave with a couple of items, to a full maze that hides quests and items that would have otherwise been lost.

From the tiny dungeon containing a whole swath of vampires that new characters head straight for spinning before the game actually begins, to the intensely trapped Dwemer mines, Skyrim excels in his ability to create interesting dungeons to crawl through.

5 Morrowind works in all dimensions

Levitate by Morrowind

A disappointing mechanic mostly removed from later games in the Ancient scrolls series was the ability to move up without the use of glitches or DLC. It sure wasn’t without its flaws, and it was difficult to handle all directions at times, but it gave the world a much wider reach.

Nothing had to happen in a linear fashion and could be approached from all sorts of different angles with different strategies. Removing that really removed a whole layer of magic from the series.

4 Skyrim excelled in combat

Skyrim he was infinitely better handling battles. It is based more on the skill of the player than on hidden mechanics. Skills can be improved, shuffled, and tweaked for better gameplay that is more suited to the player’s style.

The game also allows you to wield two weapons, and not just swords. The player can have a spell ready in one hand and a weapon in the other, or even two completely different spells ready to fire at the enemy, while also having a scream. Made more difficult battles with better use of strategy and individual preferences.

3 Morrowind has better means of transportation

Morrowind Map

As funny as the glitch horses that ride the Throat of the World are, Morrowind really takes the cake in transportation. The options are not just horses, walking, fast travel, or those carriages that everyone forgets.

On Morrowind There is the possibility of putting custom waypoints to teleport, as well as levitation, which really should have been called flight. The ability to run on air really gave him a better vantage point than Skyrim I really didn’t have much without very limited situations.

two Skyrim’s DLC is awesome

Skyrim Dawnguard

Hearth fire granted the player the ability to build houses after completing missions in certain regions, where they could bring their spouse or even their adopted children. Dragonborn gave a whole new section of the map to explore with new mechanics, screams, and abilities to discover.

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Dawnguard introduced a series of extremely interesting, complicated and intense missions. It also enabled the ability to become a Vampire Lord and unlocked an entirely new skill tree. At one point, there is also the option to literally turn off the effects of the sun on vampires, effectively negating the main problem of playing as one. Not to mention that the treasure, spells, and weapons that are given are to die for.

1 Morrowind plot is better

Morrowind Red Mountain

Hands down the best main story of any of the Ancient scrolls games going to Morrowind. The player begins the game as a complete nobody, with a racism that puts Skyrim ‘it is a shame. Everything has to be earned. It required advancements in skills, missions, and everything else to complete.

Nothing was ever delivered to the player. Not some great blood right that grants special abilities, not some old men on top of a mountain. If the player succeeds, it is entirely due to his own skills and effort.

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