Season 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale has the Waterfords on trial for their crimes, but with Serena Joy also pregnant, could she become a servant in Gilead?

Serena Joy Waterford is pregnant in The Handmaid’s TaleSo could she be forced to return to Gilead and serve as a Maid? After years as one of the most powerful wives in the Republic of Gilead, working alongside her husband, Fred, to secure its government and create and implement many of its laws, Serena Joy finds herself in a dangerous position. Facing a trial in Canada, she has been left with nowhere to turn except the husband she had been grooming to take over.

The Waterfords are once again on a united front as they prepare for the International Criminal Court, where June Osborne’s testimony will be key among the evidence against her for her war crimes and crimes against humanity. But what will happen during the trial, and after it, remains to be seen. There is still a lot of mileage in Fred and Serena’s history in The Handmaid’s Tale, so things are unlikely to be as simple as being imprisoned for their misdeeds.

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Still, even with that, there are a few possible options. It could still be that the Waterfords can strike a deal with Canada and the United States in exchange for freedom (or something like that, anyway), or that they go back to Gilead and can take back some of their old folks. Energy. But one of the more pertinent theories surrounding Serena Joy is that she will have to return to Gilead and serve as a servant, which stems from the combination of her surprise pregnancy, the weakened position that she and Fred find themselves in, and the clear Gilead need. has for more maids.

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Fred and Serena Joy in The Handmaid's Tale

If Serena is in a position where she has to go back to Gilead, then her pregnancy should be taken into account in some way. It is generally believed that wives cannot have children, which is part of the reason why their households receive a maid (although the husband’s infertility may also be the cause of the problem). It was believed that this was the case with Serena, but obviously the truth is something different. While she would at least be expected to raise her own child in Gilead, the fact that she is someone capable of reproducing amid the current fertility and population crisis could lead Gilead to force her to play a different role.

Serena Joy’s pregnancy alone probably wouldn’t be enough to force her into a slave, but her bad position within Gilead might be. He had already tested the powers that be by reading in season 2, so he lost a finger. Serena then further damaged her reputation by essentially selling Fred, albeit for the sake of Nichole and their relationship. Gilead may value a mother’s love for a child to some degree, but with multiple indiscretions and no signs that Gilead has assisted the Waterfords at trial (or at least, not yet), then it does not suggest that she be viewed favorably. . With all that, the fact that she is deemed worthy of punishment and that she is capable of having children could get her turned into a Maid, either the traditional type or some kind of slightly new Maid / Wife hybrid role. It reflects your past status and what you have done for Gilead.

For Serena Joy to become a servant girl would be a twist of fate, given how much she has done to subjugate other women to such fates. Given June’s angry speech to her earlier in The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 may even be one that viewers are supposed to think it deserves; a punishment that fits his multiple crimes, despite the horrible fate that would be to suffer for anyone. There are few signs that the Waterfords can really redeem themselves, especially not with the way June views them, given that she is the protagonist, which means the theory is certainly plausible. At the same time, however, much history remains in The Handmaid’s Tale, and it could be setting up the Waterfords for a bigger role in that, that Serena being a maid can prevent it from happening.

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