The Handmaid’s TaleConsidered Hulu’s second-best original series to date, it might have a pretty long main character roster, but the story really does focus on June. He gets the most amount of screen time along with other main characters like Fred and Serena Waterford and Aunt Lydia.

In reality, all the other characters in the series, including the main, guest, and recurring characters, are there to support the main stories of these four characters. And really, it all really takes us back to June and her desperate attempts to not only escape Gilead, something she finally accomplishes in season four, but also to get her daughter out and wipe out all of society.

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It’s an enriching story that’s made even better by the many other characters helping to tell it with their own parts of the story. (Note: spoilers for season 4).

10 Soul

Alma, or Ofrobert, as she was known in Gilead, was a recurring character who appeared throughout all four seasons, until her tragic end when she was hit by a train while trying to escape from Aunt Lydia’s clutches with June and other servants.

She helped June by gossiping about what was happening at Gilead over the years, often quietly when they saw each other in the market. And it was Alma who first helped June get in touch with the resistance and go ahead with Mayday’s plan.

9 Brianna

Handmaids Tale Brianna and June

Another recurring character, Brianna was one of June and Moira’s first friends when they were captured and forced into servitude at Gilead. While he met death alongside Alma when the train struck them both in season four, he was instrumental in helping June the entire way.

Her biggest and most shocking move was when she was among the first maids to throw her stones and refuse to execute Janine in that terrifying scene.

8 Emily malek

Emily walking down the stairs in civilian clothes in The Handmaid's Tale

Technically, Emily is a main character in the series. But since she escaped Gilead and tried to rejoin her old life, or whatever she can do in Canada, where she has found safety, they haven’t seen her that often.

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However, with June now in Canada, Emily may have more screen time when her story begins a central plot again. But she had one of the most interesting arcs, going from being brutally mutilated and standing out as one of the few women strong enough to fight the Commanders and Aunt Lydia to being sent to the Colonies, to dealing with the guilt she had. and many of his friends were still there, trying to rebuild a relationship with his wife and son.

7 Nick blaine

Nick from The Handmaid's Tale Season 4

What makes Nick so interesting is that it is very difficult to determine where his loyalties lie. While she seems to want to do whatever she can to protect June, she also seems to enjoy the power and purpose that her high position at Gilead brings her in this new world. So much so that he has betrayed her before.

He’s always interesting when he’s on screen because viewers aren’t quite sure what Nick will do next. Do you really care about June, or do you hope that she will leave her husband to be with him and their biological daughter? The idea that June and Luke are raising Nick’s child together suggests that there is much to come in the future for Nick and his relationship with June.

6 Luke bankole

Luke sitting next to an American flag in The Handmaid's Tale

Fans can’t help but feel for Luke, who has had to deal with the guilt of knowing his wife is trapped in Gilead, forced to do terrible things, never knowing if she’s hurt or even alive. Once he finally meets her, the story becomes even more interesting, as it is not the optimistic reunion he was hoping for.

Luke also gets fans to sympathize with him, even though June was the one who went through the literal abuse and torture. It represents a different side of June’s life and is a reminder of who she was before all of this and how much she has changed.

5 Rita blue

Rita is one of the more complex characters, because while she hated the way the Waterfords treated her and how Gilead was being run, she is also a deeply religious person. She faced loss before Gilead when her son died in the war, which might explain why she was especially protective of children.

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Rita’s story hasn’t been followed as much as the other characters, but her pivotal role in Mayday and pulling so many kids out of Gilead make her one of the best supporting characters on the show. She lived up to the best episode of the series to date.

4 Moira strand

Moira with her hand on June's face in The Handmaid's Tale

Moira was the first main character to come out of Gilead, and while she plays a bigger role once again in season four, fans were only able to see snippets of what was happening to her and Luke in Canada.

Moira, a loyal and devoted friend of June’s, not only lives with Luke to try to help him get over his grief and help him find June, but she has been raising June’s daughter Nichole with him. Then, he risked everything to go find June and take her across the border. Moira is fearless and a heroic character on the show.

3 Mark Tuello

Mark Tuello from The Handmaid's Tale looking to the side

First appearing as a guest star in season three, Tuello became a main character in season four. A United States government operative, he is leading the Gilead investigation and working to help save those who escape, obtaining their statements and building a court case.

He was an integral part of the arrests of Serena and Fred Waterford and is on June’s side, helping her tell her side of the story in hopes of getting justice. Tuello will play a fundamental role in the plot in the future.

two Commander Joseph Lawrence

There is something attractive about Commander Joseph Lawrence, who was one of Gilead’s architects and became one of June’s closest allies. After seeing what his theories actually yielded, Commander Lawrence didn’t like what Gilead really was. But it was too far out of his hands right now.

The fact that he aided June and Mayday’s plan knowing he might end up dead for it was admirable. However, given a second chance, Commander Lawrence could become June’s adversary. It constantly swings the line, which is precisely what makes it exciting to watch.

1 Janine beautiful

Janine from The Handmaid's Tale looking at someone

Janine, also known as Ofwarren, Ofdaniel, and Ofhoward, is the most naive, kind, and troublesome of maids. One of the first to rebel against Aunt Lydia, she paid for it by losing an eye, which led her to wear her distinctive eyepatch.

Janine is sweet and hard to like, but she often acts like a girl. It’s clear she’s been traumatized by everything that has happened to her at Gilead, but she’s still one of the few people June can truly trust. And because Aunt Lydia has a sweet spot for Janine, she manages to get her way a lot more than the other maids.

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