When it comes to protecting his adopted home planet, there is no threat that Superman does not face. He has faced Darkseid and the relentless hordes of Apokolips more times than the vast majority of humans know. The Man of Steel is the first and last line of defense in virtually every situation.

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But the weird thing about Superman isn’t what he does with his powers when he’s on the watch. It’s what he does when he’s Clark Kent. During those times, she is a journalist for the Daily Planet, which may not be the best use of her time or fantastic abilities. There are many other good things that you could be doing.

10 Helping to end wars

Superman’s power level has been the defining factor in almost countless battles right now. Even Darkseid’s power does not guarantee victory over the Man of Steel. That said, there are other battles to be fought.

Wars are constantly breaking out all over the world. While no one is suggesting that Superman take sides, he could easily step in and prevent a war from happening, forcing both parties to find a diplomatic solution.

9 Reduce hunger in the world

A sad truth about the planet is that a large percentage of its inhabitants go to bed hungry every night. Frankly, they also wake up hungry and spend most of the day hungry. Famine is a big problem.

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In a world with a Superman, that problem could be fixed. You could use your fantastic skills to plant crops, transport crops, and make sure those supplies get to the right people.

8 Reconstruction of damaged structures

The truth of superhero versus supervillain clashes is that a lot of things go wrong. Superman fights tend to cause a lot of damage, as they generally involve very powerful beings hurling him into skyscrapers at high speed.

But the even harsher truth about those fights is that heroes rarely stay behind to help clean up. Villains sure won’t. Given Superman’s strength and speed, it would actually be pretty easy for him to rebuild whatever he took down.

7 Looking for missing people

Superman protects the defenseless

Every day thousands of people disappear for various reasons. Some are accidental, while others are far more dire, but the anguish that follows is real and painful either way.

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Superman has a variety of powers, including super speed, super hearing, can fly, and has X-ray vision. Basically, the man was designed to deal with missing persons cases. You should probably spend more time on this than you currently do.

6 Dealing with space junk

Superman fights the Nazis

This is one of the biggest problems on Earth that people don’t see every day. There are literally thousands of pieces of space junk that humans have left orbiting the planet for various reasons. Each of them has the potential to cause serious harm.

The governments of the world would probably greatly appreciate it if Superman took a solid 30 minutes out of his day to fly there and solve the problem. Well, you could do that or report on a cat fashion show for the Daily Planet. What you think is most important.

5 Helping clean up Gotham

Batman fights Superman

There’s really no nice way to say this, but Gotham is literally a giant pile of garbage. And it’s one that desperately needs a cleaning. Batman has been working on it for a few years, but it is mostly focused on angry clowns and costumed villains.

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Gotham needs someone to step in and fix the day-to-day problems that affect the city’s residents. Someone has to help, and Batman seems quite preoccupied most of the time.

4 Protecting the environment

Superman enjoys the yellow sun

An extension of some of the other entries on this list is helping the environment. Increasing food production and managing its distribution is one thing. Maintaining the environment while doing it is an entirely different matter.

Superman could contribute to helping the planet in a number of ways. Imagine how quickly it was able to remove all the plastic from the oceans. And he could plant entirely new forests in seconds.

3 Searching for land mines

Superman Batman Wonder Woman Justice League

Another invisible threat lurking in a variety of places around the world are landmines and improvised explosive devices. On top of that, there are unexploded ordnance fields in the form of bombs and projectiles hidden in ancient battlefields that could still explode.

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If anyone is equipped to deal with this situation, it is Superman. Thanks to being able to fly and having X-ray vision, you can find them safely. Then you can also safely get rid of them thanks to their strength, speed, and invulnerability.

two Put an end to the illegal drug trade

A major battle around the world is against the illegal drug trade. It has made some people incredibly rich and destroyed the lives of millions more. Bearing in mind that it is a complicated situation, it is necessary to face it.

The Man of Steel has the powers and resources to deal with this situation in a way that harms as few people as possible. It would be nearly impossible for anyone who profited from this multi-billion dollar industry to hide from it.

1 Throwing Lex Luthor into the sun

President Lex Luthor

As a general rule, Superman doesn’t kill. And every time a life was taken, it seemed completely out of place to him. Murder for any reason is not a good image for Superman.

All that said, it might be time for Superman to finally make an exception for Lex Luthor. That guy has been responsible for a lot of Superman’s biggest problems over the years, he should probably throw old Lexy right into the Sun and finish him off.

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