Mike’s Uncle Beau and neighbor Tamara appeared on a podcast and called Natalie a bum while discussing her relationship with Mike Youngquist.

Natalie Mordovtseva from 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? Recently, Mike Youngquist’s Uncle Beau and his neighbor, Tamara Authier, called him a jerk. The duo also revealed other shocking details about Natalie’s time at Mike’s house. It appears that Uncle Beau and Tamara are joining the ranks of Natalie haters, along with Mike’s own mother Trish. A lots of 90 day fiancé Viewers also don’t believe in Mike and Natalie’s love story and believe they got married to fulfill their own agendas.

Fans believe that the Sequim native wanted to earn money from TLC to pay off his debt, while Natalie wanted to become an actress or model in the United States. The couple never tried to solve their problems and kept arguing for the 90 days leading up to their wedding. Still, they decided to get married just 24 hours before Natalie’s K-1 visa was about to expire. In the latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé – Happily Ever After?, Mike told his mom that Natalie doesn’t help with housework and that she has to cook and clean after coming back from a long day at work.

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Trish seemed visibly upset after learning that her daughter-in-law, who was not working, did not help her son at home. Now, Mike’s Uncle Beau and his neighbor made shocking claims about Natalie’s behavior at the Kiki and Kibbitz podcast (via @ 90daywdfbitch). Tamara claimed that she had been Mike’s housekeeper since Natalie arrived. When the host asked: “Is she like a tramp?“Uncle Beau and Tamara agreed and stated that Natalie’s room looked like a tornado had hit her.

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Mordovtseva Youngquist Married Break Uncle Beau In 90 Days Fiance 2

Tamara continued talking about Natalie’s room, saying, “Clothes everywhere, my God, I can’t believe it.“Tamara felt really bad for Mike after seeing the messy kitchen. Uncle Beau added that he used to clean the kitchen before Mike got back from work. The host stated that it now made sense why Trish seemed so upset with Natalie and asked her to clean the house. Tamara then made another claim that Natalie cooked for Mike only once and joked that she is now doing a cooking show. Uncle Beau mentioned that she cooked a Ukrainian dish.silly stuff“for him, but Mike liked it.

There may be some truth to his claims, but many 90 day fiancé Fans think Mike’s house was really messy to begin with. Viewers also saw on the show that when Mike was out of work, Natalie used to wash dishes, clean the kitchen, and cook dinner at night. One fan said: “I don’t believe them at all. ” Another fan wrote: “Oh come on! We saw Mike’s house when Natalie arrived, please !!” Still, many fans loved Uncle Beau in this short clip. Some even ask for a 90 day fiancé spin-off with Uncle Beau and Mike.

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90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8 pm ET on TLC.

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