It’s been about two months since the last chapter of Attack on Titan launched, and many readers were disappointed in how it ended. One of the reasons is that they do not like how Eren’s story ended, coming to hate one of the most beloved characters in the series. It’s quite interesting to see how readers’ opinions on the main character have changed over the years, as many hated him from the start.

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However, once his personality changed in the Marley arc, he gained many fans, only to lose them upon his death. Some think that his character has been reconfigured based on the things he has said, while others do not understand some of his actions. Despite this, there are still many reasons for Eren to like him, as well as Attack on Titan.

10 Saved the Trost district

After Eren and his friends graduated from the 104th Cadet Corps, they were affected by the harsh reality of the royal war, when the Titans stormed the Trost District. Eren was one of the many people you could eat. However, because he had inherited the Founding Titan, he was able to survive and transform into a Titan himself.

He was as surprised as everyone around him to discover this power, but he worked with other soldiers to use his Titan to save the District of Trost. He picked up a rock and used it to prevent more Titans from entering the wall, saving many people.

9 He showed compassion and empathy towards people he never knew

Conspiracy to Capture the Female Titan _ Attack on Titan

Although he will always be known for killing the majority of the population, many fans forget that Eren showed a lot of compassion towards other soldiers, even those he had never met, wanting to protect them in any way he could. An example of this is when the Female Titan tried to capture it.

As Levi and his squad members refused to fight, Eren felt terrible seeing other soldiers fight and considered becoming their Titan before his comrades convinced him not to. Another example is how Eren cried when he found out how he got his powers in the first place, believing that he and his father were responsible for the deaths of many people. He was even willing to sacrifice himself so that the Founding Titan could return to the Reiss family.

8 He did not hold back from fighting Reiner

Reiner was like an older brother and a role model for Eren. Although he hesitated for a moment, he could do nothing but cry over the shocking revelation that the man he admired was the Armored Titan, one of the biggest threats to Paradis, Eren quickly understood that it didn’t matter who Reiner. Pretend to be.

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He had to defeat the Armored Titan. Despite losing the battle, Bertholdt joined them, and Eren fought well against Reiner, especially for someone who had only discovered his powers a few weeks earlier, using moves Reiner had taught him in their days as soldiers in the 104th Corps. of Cadets.

7 He manipulated Zeke

Eren _ Zeke _ Attack on Titan

Zeke was one of the most hated characters in the series after he killed many Survey Corps soldiers, including Commander Erwin. And it was very surprising when it was revealed that Zeke was Eren’s older brother. As Eren got to know Zeke better, he learned that his brother planned to use the Founding Titan and make the Eldians no longer able to have children, which would see their race face extinction.

Eren pretended to agree to this plan, only to betray Zeke in the end and confess that he would never help him prevent people from being born. In a way, Eren, by ruining his brother’s plans, took revenge on all the Inspection Corps soldiers he killed.

6 The power of Attack Titan explains a misunderstood quote

Eren imprints freedom on himself

In the panel above, Eren tells Armin that he didn’t know why he would have destroyed the world if he didn’t know that his friends would stop him. Many people who didn’t like the last chapter claim that this meant he never had a plan to begin with. However, there is a reason why he would have wanted to destroy the world without having a logical reason to do so.

Attack Titan makes his heirs fight for freedom. Because most of the world wanted to kill Eren, it made sense that he fought them solely on instincts, which also explains why on this very page, he remembers how Grisha told him that he was free when he was born. The hatred that some feel for this quote does not make much sense when looking at the history of the series.

5 He is an amazing fighter

The battles in Attack on Titan, and many other manga series, are something that most fans enjoy immensely. Being the attacking titan makes Eren a great fighter, and readers could always rely on him to thrill them while fighting his opponents.

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From fighting normal and abnormal Titans with ODM gear to attacking other Titan Shifters, like Annie and Reiner, their battles were some of the best in the series. Towards the end of the manga, he gained even more abilities that made him the greatest threat in Attack on Titanof the universe, prompting him to start the Rumbling, which is, in many ways, the biggest battle in the entire franchise.

4 He advanced until all his enemies were destroyed

Eren reveals his ideology

Many fans assumed that Eren began to hate people outside the walls and that he considered them his enemies once he learned the truth of the world. However, he never actually considered them his enemies and had said that he was the same as the people he fought against, showing sympathy towards them.

Despite this, many believed that he no longer cared about getting rid of the Titans, which was his goal from the beginning, and were shocked when this goal was realized. As this was a common goal of the main characters throughout most of the manga, fans should have been happy to see them get what they wanted for years. But instead, because they believed Eren to be a different person and didn’t consider what he was saying, they weren’t.

3 Did the best for his friends

eren attack on titan

Even though he treated them terribly towards the end of the series, Eren really cared about his friends. He wanted them to have the best life possible, and to do so, the world would have to stop thinking of them as demons.

He wanted his friends to temporarily hate him so that they would defeat him and show the other nations that they were on his side. If it weren’t for him doing this, other beloved characters like Armin and Mikasa would have suffered much more.

two He did everything he had to do, knowing that he would hurt himself in the process

Eren is one of the strongest characters ever written. He saw his mother being eaten in front of him. From there, he had to watch other people he cared about die. He also had to face people who were terrified of him, some of his closest friends betrayed him, and often others pressured him after becoming their last hope.

In the final chapter, it was revealed that he had Dina Fritz, who was about to eat Bertholdt and inherit the Colossal Titan, walk away from him and eat his own mother, for which he was responsible for the greatest tragedy he ever faced without know it. during years. He did this to make his past self hate Dina, leading him to activate the coordinate and find out that he had the Founding Titan, which he used to achieve his goals. It must have been terrible for him to learn the truth about his mother’s death, but he still played his role so that he could have a chance to make the world a better place.

1 One person alone cannot achieve eternal peace

Honestly, it was foolish if someone believed that Eren could achieve eternal peace, especially on his own. The war between the Eldians and the rest of the world lasted for centuries before he was born, so people outside of Paradis would continue to hate those inside even after his death. After the additional pages of the final chapter were leaked, many readers felt that everything Eren had done was for naught. But what else could he have done?

Even with the Founding Titan, he can only stop the Eldians from fighting, which he wouldn’t do anyway, as he wants everyone to have the freedom to do whatever they want, which includes fighting. And even with the Attack Titan’s ability to see into the future, he could only see until when the Titans disappeared, as there was never an Attack Titan heir after him. It is up to those who came after him to decide whether to stop fighting or not. Furthermore, if a person could achieve peace, there would be no fighting in Attack on Titan nor the real world.

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